Tori Spelling Addresses Sex Tape Headlines and Rumors That She’s Broke

Tori Spelling (Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

Tori Spelling says that it is all a big misunderstanding.

The “90210” actress visited “The Talk” to plug her new book, but was met with some lingering questions from the co-hosts about recent headlines she made about a sex tape featuring her and her husband as well as word that she is broke.

As for the so-called sex tape, Spelling said that she learned a lesson about whom to trust.

"I'm a mom of four," she told them. "I'm in bed every night by 9. It is not as scandalous as it sounds. I wish my life was like 'oooohhh'! I actually told the story in the book and if people read the book they will see that in the one line all the headlines pulled from about the sex tape, I was saying that we made a personal [clip] -not a film- but a few seconds and put it on the computer and a friend took it. That was my thing in that sometimes you can't trust people."

As for the rumors that she is looking to sell the tape…

"Give me some credit! I'm a mom of four, I would never do that."

Other recent headlines claim that she is out of money. But that is also, apparently, being misconstrued, she said.

Julie Chen then asked if she was hurting for money or not.

"It is all so individual and you have to put it within context," Spelling replied. "I wrote about it because I think sometimes people think that celebrities' lives are so glamorous and so perfect. A lot of times, I will interact with people who say 'Oh my gosh! You have it all!' I wasn't saying boo-hoo, poor me. I was simply saying that I've made some bad choices financially. It happens. We make bad choices and get ourselves into hole. But things are good now. It isn't what the tabloids have printed."

Here’s the clip…

[iframe—Tori-Spelling-on-Sex-Tape-and-Finance-Rumors/embed 580 476]

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