It’s Here! Kimmel’s 3rd Annual YouTube Halloween Challenge: Watch

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We have the same reaction every year when we watch Jimmy Kimmel’s now-infamous annual Halloween prank: Open-mouthed amazement.

This is the bit in which Kimmel instructs parents on Halloween to tell their small children they ate all of their Halloween candy and then videotape the kids’ over-the-top reactions.

Kimmel and his producers then go on YouTube to cull the best ones and then present them on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” This year’s compilation lasts a little over six minutes, and it’s a doozy (you can watch the whole thing, above).

What’s so amazing? This:

1) That these parents would do this in the first place: When they tell their young, uncomprehending children on the morning after Halloween that they consumed all of their candy while their little ones slept, the tears and anger they evoke borders on cruelty because these parents have subjected their children to this bad news simply for the sake of getting on the “Kimmel” show.

2) And in most cases, the video that is then seen on national television is embarrassing for the children — if not in the present day, then possibly in the future when their peers come upon it.

3) The temper tantrums are shocking in of themselves: Most of the children react by throwing things, kicking, lashing out, telling their parents they hate them and more. Only a small handful of the kids ever take it in stride without shrieking.

You can form your own opinion: Watch this incredible clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” above.

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