‘The Good Wife’: The Joy of War

Josh Charles of "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

Splitting Lockhart-Gardner into two rival firms continues to reap huge creative dividends on this week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “The Next Day.” Maybe now the show will finally be able to give up the pretense that it’s a procedural because the cases of the week are now almost irrelevant.

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Florrick-Agos, the Living Room Practice

Florrick-Agos was still working at Alicia’s house, which not only made them look bad but was driving Alicia (Julianna Margulies) insane. Grace (Mackenzie Vega) spent too much time chatting with the male attorneys. Marilyn (Melissa George) repeatedly dropped by to inquire about possible ethics violations. At the beginning of the season, it seemed like Peter and Marilyn might have an affair. Since she spent the entire episode puking from morning sickness, that now thankfully seems highly unlikely. Marilyn ultimately revealed herself to be Peter and Alicia’s ally, advising Cary not to mention that Peter was aware of the firm’s attempt to win Chum Hum’s business when he made the speech about taxing Internet companies. She investigated it in the first place because she received an anonymous tip, presumably from Will. A tax firm offered them the opportunity to share their offices and merge their firms. Alicia liked the idea, while Cary (Matt Czuchry) was opposed.

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Will, the Alpha Male

Will (Josh Charles) coped with the defection of Alicia and Cary by picking up a blonde bimbo named Isabelle who semi-seriously wanted Will to impregnate her. He was every bit the Alpha Male as he planned to expand Lockhart-Gardner to other cities. He pulled out all the stops in an attempt to stop a client with a law suit against a gun manufacturer from defecting to Florrick-Agos. He refused to give the new firm the case files. So Alicia filed a complaint with the same disciplinary board that suspended Will, hoping they would be biased against him. It worked. But first, Will sent them file boxes that were filled with stuffed rats, then, when Alicia complained again, he redacted almost the entirety of the files. Finally, when the judge threatened to fine Lockhart-Gardner $20,000 a day for withholding the files, they released them with the caveat that they owed Lockhart-Gardner money for all the work the firm did on the case. Then the client switched back to Lockhart-Gardner because they had all the files. Will and Alicia enjoyed sparring with each other. Both seemed much happier and more energized than they were when they were working together. Arguably, their fighting is a substitute for sex.

Diane, the Fallen Goddess

Like the cop on his last day before retirement in every action movie, Diane (Christine Baranski) just wanted her final case as a trial lawyer to go well. She was furious when the client decided to be represented by Cary and Alicia. Then she learned that Peter was considering other candidates for the Supreme Court judgeship. Then McVeigh (Gary Cole) agreed to be an expert witness for Florrick-Agos solely because he wanted a faulty gun taken off the market. But all was not lost. She got her case back. Though Peter appointed someone else judge, she told Will she wanted to stick around. He immediately realized she got passed over but was willing to forget that he pushed her out of the firm two weeks ago, provided she was on board with his new ultra-aggressive style. She happily signed on. His first act was to buy the tax firm that was considering joining forces with Florrick-Agos.

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