‘Good Wife’ Recap: A Hostile Work Environment

Power player: Christine Baranski in Sunday's episode of "The Good Wife" (Photo: CBS)

Diane (Christine Baranski) owned Sunday’s episode of “The Good Wife.”

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In the space of an hour she went from being the woman who was pushed out of the firm she created to its biggest power player. Along the way, she put a ring on it, wore outfits that were as fierce as anything in Olivia Pope’s closet and blew Alicia (Julianna Margulies) out of the water.

Lockhart-Gardner Gets Sued for Sexual Harassment

Viola (Rita Wilson) was back, representing Chrissy (Tracee Chimo), a mousy paralegal suing Lockhart-Gardner for a hostile work environment.

It certainly is hostile, but not in the way that she meant. She accused most of the firm of sexually harassing her. She claimed Diane sexually harassed her by asking her to prostitute herself for a client, that Cary (Matt Czuchry) showed her how he masturbated, that Howard (Jerry Adler) tried to rape her, and Alicia asked her how she lost her virginity.

The only person not mentioned in her suit is Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).  Lockhart-Gardner hired Ellsbeth (Carrie Preston), who had acquired a treadmill desk since we last saw her.

All of Chrissy's claims were bogus misinterpretations of case discussions except for her claim that Howard exposed himself to her. It turns out he liked to take pants-less naps in his office.

As pranks, the fourth-years sent emails from his account to paralegals summoning them to witness it. How did the fourth-years possibly pass the bar? They collectively seem like idiots.

Fortunately, Chrissy made a similar accusation at her last firm, making her less credible. However, there is video on Howard’s laptop of him hitting on another paralegal. Chrissy was also right that Will (Josh Charles) had sex with underlings in his office.

He has an affidavit from a woman that she wasn't employed by him when they had sex in his office. Alicia privately pointed out to Will that they had sex in their office. He used Bill Clinton's definition of sex to say that they did not. He pointed out that it was his bathroom, not his office.

Viola received the video of Howard. One of the fourth-years was her mole. He thought the damage the suit would do to Lockhart-Gardner would help their firm. Kalinda gave Cary a 30-minute head start before telling Will. The fourth-year demanded that all of the new firm members share their Lockhart-Gardner bonuses because if he got fired he would lose his. Chrissy's suit was officially dismissed when Kalinda revealed that they repeatedly had sex in the Lockhart-Gardner offices.

Watch Sunday Night’s Episode of “The Good Wife” Below:

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Diane Gets Her Man

Diane’s longtime friends met Kurt (Gary Cole) and expressed their disapproval of her dating someone so conservative.

They were a pitch-perfect display of baby-boomer limousine liberalism, especially when they said they know all about Fox News because they saw clips of it on “The Daily Show.”

Diane laughed off their criticism, but it got under her skin. She told Kurt she wanted to meet his friends, who turned out to be good-looking women in their 20s. She started to question whether they should get married. But she showed up at City Hall looking fierce in a black suit and sunglasses, made out with him in front of the other couples waiting for their marriage licenses, and made their relationship legal.

Diane Puts the Pieces Together

Diane agreed to the exit settlement that Will offered in the previous episode, provided she got to keep two of her cases and was indemnified in Chrissy’s lawsuit.

When Diane attempted to open the files for her cases, she discovered Alicia was downloading them because the new firm planned to go after her clients. Alicia claimed it was a mistake. Diane pointed out to Will that Alicia never finished decorating her office.

As she looked around the firm, it was clear that she was having second thoughts about leaving it to become a judge. Diane had drinks with her client, Sonya (Sonja Sohn), and pretended she already knew about the new firm to trick her into saying that she would be tempted to move to a law firm with the governor’s wife as a named partner.

Diane told Will that Alicia was leaving to start a new firm with Cary, undoubtedly taking a bit of pleasure in letting him know that his ex- had betrayed him on a far deeper level than she did when she badmouthed him in an interview.

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Jackie Gets Her Groove On

Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) attempted to take over the planning of the inaugural ball. Eli (Alan Cumming) ordered her to stay far away from Peter and his offices, until he discovered that a union official who was threatening to picket the inauguration had a soft spot for Jackie.

Hating every second, he apologized, then asked her to talk to him. It turned out they were former lovers. He agreed to her demands and, per her deal with Eli, Jackie redecorated the governor's office with a giant portrait of Peter.

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