It’s Not a Trick, It’s a Treat: Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Halloween Special

Bart Simpson paid homage to "The Shining" with the chalkboard writing seen in the opening of this year's "Simpsons" Halloween special (Photo: Fox)

It’s been a rite of fall for 24 seasons — an annual Halloween special produced by the makers of “The Simpsons” and starring the many denizens of fictional Springfield, USA.

With Halloween on the horizon, we are proud to present this year’s special — titled, as always “Treehouse of Horror” with this year’s Roman numerals “XXIV” (24). You can watch it below, absolutely free.

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This year’s special, which aired earlier than usual this year on Oct. 3, featured the usual three stories, plus an extended (and quite bloody) opening sequence supervised by “Hellboy” movie director Guillermo Del Toro.

After that, the three stories are: (1) A horrific reimagining of Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat” with a little “Grinch” thrown in; (2) a story in which Bart loses his head and has it surgically attached to Lisa’s shoulder, transforming them into a two-headed child; and (3) a reworking of the classic 1932 horror film “Freaks,” a controversial movie in its time because it starred a group of real sideshow carnival performers.

Watch “The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIV” right here:
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