‘Castle’ Recap: Castle Is Held Hostage By His No. 1 Fan

Castle (Nathan Fillion) wore his trademark bulletproof vest to negotiate with a fan (Alicia Lagano) holding a group of dental patients hostage Monday night on ABC's "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

Monday night’s “Castle” skillfully blended “Misery” with “Dog Day Afternoon.”

The end result restored order to the “Castle” universe, as Beckett and Castle officially rejoined the NYPD.

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Even the show’s greatest prop, Castle’s bulletproof vest, got a chance to shine.

Castle and Beckett Are Funemployed

Castle (Nathan Fillion) was thrilled that he and Beckett (Stana Katic) were together in New York again, even if their romantic morning together was interrupted by every single person who lives in Chez Castle.

Castle would have been content to spend the next couple of months slacking, but Beckett hated the thought of being unemployed for even a minute. Thanks to an NYPD hiring freeze, she could not get her old job back. Fortunately, the NYPD summoned Castle to a crime scene at the criminal's request.

The Only Thing Worse Than Going to the Dentist …

… Is being taken hostage while you’re at the dentist. A woman named Emma, who was suspected of murdering her boyfriend, stormed into a dentist’s office, held everyone there at gunpoint, then demanded to speak to Castle.

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No, she was not one of his many ex-girlfriends. She was his No. 1 fan, and she believed he could prove she was innocent. It apparently did not occur to her that committing a felony that would land her in prison for years was not the best strategy for clearing her name.

Castle was initially just supposed to talk to her on the phone with the SWAT team listening in, but then he ad-libbed an offer to come inside if she freed a child. The hostage negotiator reluctantly agreed, provided Castle wore his famous bulletproof vest with "writer" stenciled across the chest.

There was a lot of evidence pointing to Emma's guilt. Her boyfriend, Angelo, died in her apartment. Her fingerprints were all over the kitchen knife that killed him. There were texts between Emma and Angelo in which they argued about his mysterious trips to Scarsdale. The cops assumed he was cheating on her. Emma did not recall sending a text the night of the murder in which she asked Angelo to come over because she was drunk and lonely.

Castle’s No. 1 Fan has an Insane Backstory

Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) agreed to let Beckett unofficially help investigate the case.

There was evidence that Angelo was in Scarsdale casing houses that he intended to rob. But Beckett also discovered that Emma killed her foster brother when she was 16 the exact same way Angelo died.

Emma, who was listening to Castle's end of the conversation, pointed her gun at Castle and ordered him to hang up. Castle was worried she snapped, especially because Beckett also told him that Emma was on anti-depressants.

Emma explained her tale of woe. She was a foster child who killed her foster brother in self-defense, but the police did not believe her. Then her backstory turned into “Revenge.” She was rescued from juvie by nuns. Her boyfriend was not robbing Scarsdale’s elite, he was attempting to find proof that a well-connected millionaire was her birth father. 

Emma's story about how she was more or less Emily Thorne's long lost twin sister was interrupted when one of the hostages attempted to rush her. Her gun went off in the struggle and Castle was shot in the chest. His trusty vest prevented him from being injured. Both Castle and Beckett have been shot in the chest this season without being injured. Make of that what you will. After hearing the commotion, the SWAT team charged into the dentist's office to arrest Emma.

With Emma in custody, Ryan, Esposito and Beckett continued investigating. It turned out that the slimy lawyer son-in-law of Emma's wealthy birth father, Aaron, killed Angelo and framed Emma to prevent her from finding out her paternity because he didn't want his wife to have to share her trust fund with an orphan. On one hand, that is a really stupid reason to kill someone. On the other hand, in real life people kill each other over much smaller amounts of money all the time.

Aaron happily introduced himself to Emma and vowed to do what he could to help with her legal troubles. Given everything she went through because he abandoned her, that truly was the least he could do.

Aaron even used his connections with the police commissioner to get Beckett her job back. Gates agreed that Castle could continue to work with Beckett despite the NYPD's anti-fraternization rule.

It was a little too easy, but the end result was what the entire audience wanted: Castle and Beckett working together again. The duo celebrated their good fortune by making out at the precinct.

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