‘Revenge’ Recap: Aiden’s Agenda is Revealed

Gabriel Mann and Emily VanCamp in Sunday night's episode of "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

Was it Chekhov who said, If dolphins are mentioned in the first act, they might be downgraded to inflatable plastic swans by the third?

Sunday’s installment of “Revenge” on ABC, titled “Confession,” spent most of its production budget on a Ferrari that met a fate even sadder than Cameron’s dad’s in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

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That meant Nolan’s (Gabriel Mann) housewarming party lacked live animals, other than a very angry Victoria Grayson (Madeline Stowe). Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) quest for revenge resulted in the death of yet another innocent, Aiden publicly announced his return to the Hamptons, and Jack (Nick Wechsler) made a new friend.

Conrad’s Conscience

Emily sneaked into the confession booth at the monastery where Father Paul (James LeGros) was licking his wounds and offered him a deal: If he persuaded Conrad (Henry Czerny) to confess to framing David, she would clear his name. If not, she would expose his role in what happened to David.

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She also revealed her identity to Paul, which telegraphed that he would not be around for long.

Father Paul visited Conrad and suggested it would mean a great deal to Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) if he cleared her biological father’s name. Paul told Emily that if Conrad didn’t come forward, he would because of his own guilt about what happened to David. Conrad took the bait, informing Victoria, for no apparent plot-driven reason, that he was going to turn himself in.

After pointing out that he would die of Huntington’s before spending a night in prison, leaving the rest of the Graysons to face the consequences, she warned him that if he drove off to confess, it would be the last thing he would do.

Despite being ordered not to drive because of the side effects of the presumably real medication he is taking for his fake disease, Conrad decided to drive his Ferrari to the police station. Emily found the burning Ferrari on the side of the road. RIP to a very expensive automobile, which had absolutely nothing to do with David's death.

Paul was dead. Conrad was distraught and called out Emily's name. Did Victoria cause the crash? Whatever happened, Emily definitely shouldered the moral responsibility for the priest's death.

When Nolan Met Patrick

Nolan planned a giant housewarming party, complete with dolphins. Unfortunately, PETA protested, so he considered porpoises before settling on giant inflatable swans which reportedly are a real Hamptons fad.

Nolan and Patrick (Justin Hartley) met cute when Patrick complained that Nolan was loudly talking on his cellphone in violation of country club rules. Nolan made it up to him by inviting him to the party. It was only then that he realized Patrick was Victoria’s son.

When Patrick learned Nolan and Emily were friends, he assumed Nolan only invited him as a scheme. He decided not to attend, but afterward he dropped by. They cleared the air and Patrick promised to attend his next party. So every fan who wondered if Patrick was having an affair with Victoria is seemingly way off-base.

Aiden’s Surprise Date

Aiden (Barry Sloane) told Victoria he could restore her fortune in a week by proving that Emily stole it. Victoria was skeptical that Emily would be that sloppy, so he told her he was sleeping with Emily even after she accepted Daniel’s marriage proposal.

Victoria told Daniel about Emily and Aiden as well as Emily’s purchases of Nolan’s house, but Daniel was suspicious of her motives, not Emily.

After Daniel (Joshua Bowman) asked her about Victoria’s claims, Emily hand-delivered an invitation to Victoria to Nolan’s housewarming party. Victoria showed up at the festivities with Aiden on her arm. Emily and Aiden argued, which led to Emily loudly announcing that the Graysons were bankrupt. Nolan was presumably pleased that something dramatic happened at his party.

Afterward, Daniel grilled Emily about Aiden. She said she refused to run away with Aiden. Daniel installed an alarm system in her house, then confessed that he and Aiden had a fight (that apparently took place last season) that ended when Daniel shot Aiden with Emily’s gun.

Aiden told Victoria that he was wrong; Emily's money is legitimate. Victoria still wanted to continue working with him because of his connection to Emily. Aiden told Emily that Victoria took the bait. Aiden and Emily were working together all along, as many viewers suspected.

Margaux Has Great Taste in Men

Over Daniel’s protests, Margaux (Karine Vanasse) wanted to write a cover story about Nolan being falsely accused of terrorism.

When Charlotte, who moved into the Stowaway, introduced Margaux to Jack, she persuaded him to bring her along to Nolan's party. Nolan was intrigued by the idea of being a model and telling his story. Jack was still grieving and brooding, but Margaux got him to go for a swim and laugh. Emily was jealous when she saw them together.

Daniel threatened to get the magazine’s investors to back out if she continued to pursue this story, which only served to convince her that there was something juicy to be uncovered.

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