‘Good Wife’ Recap: Will Declares War on Diane

Will (Josh Charles) faced off against Diane (Christine Baranski) on "The Good Wife" Sunday night (Photos: CBS)

“The Good Wife” pulled off a clever switch on Sunday’s episode, titled “A Precious Commodity.”

Since the CBS series began its new season last month, viewers have wondered what will happen when Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) leave Lockhart-Gardner.

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Instead, it was Diane’s (Christine Baranski) interview with a reporter in which she aired Will’s (Josh Charles) dirty laundry, that started a civil war within the firm.

Will Takes Diane’s Remarks Very Personally

Diane told Will that, in order to get the support of the State Supreme Court’s Chief Justice for the open judge position, she gave an interview in which she said she thought Will would be disbarred for temporarily taking $45,000 from a client many years ago. Furious, Will walked out on her. Moments later, her assistant gave her a message from Eli (Alan Cumming) that was late in arriving. In the message, Eli was telling her she didn’t have to do the interview. But it was too late, and she had already done it.

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There have been so many major story arcs on this show driven by communications that are not received in a timely fashion. For a firm of modern, tech-savvy lawyers, these attorneys rely far too heavily on phone messages.

Will retaliated by asking Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) to dig for dirt on Diane that he could use to push her out of the firm.

Given all of the years that they've worked together, and that he was the one who behaved unethically in the first place, that was cold. Imagine how he will react when he finds out that Alicia has been plotting to steal clients for her new firm.

All of the partners voted on whether Diane should be forced to leave. Alicia voted that she should stay, but the majority wanted her out. Will appointed Alicia to the committee tasked with creating her exit package, which created yet another ethical dilemma for Alicia.

Will and Alicia favored offering Diane a lot of money to better the chances that she would leave on good terms and tell her clients to stay with the firm. Diane turned down the package, demanding more money.

Will asked Alicia if she would consider replacing Diane as managing partner. Since Alicia has only been partner for a couple of months, that seemed a little ridiculous. Wouldn't the partners with more seniority, like David, be next in line?

Cary urged her not to stay at Lockhart-Gardner, hilariously saying she will always be “under” Will. If only he knew how many times that was literally true.  Robyn (Jess Wexler) told Kalinda that Alicia was joining the new firm. Kalinda was hurt that Alicia did not keep her in the loop.

Diane demanded another 20 percent, in part because Will made it clear that his motivations for pushing her out are personal. Will told her that was impossible. Alicia warned Cary they needed to leave this week.

Peter’s Ethical Dilemma

Alicia and Peter (Chris Noth) held a press conference.  Alicia addressed the rumors about them living apart by pointing out that she works in Chicago while Peter will do much of his work in Springfield.

Peter was asked about firing Marilyn (Melissa George), which the press assumed to be because Peter feared her tough ethical oversight, not because he found her attractive. Peter decided to give Marilyn her job back.

Marilyn discovered that the man who gave Alicia a great deal on new office space is someone Peter wanted to appoint to the water board, which apparently is so powerful that it would appear to be a scandalous conflict of interest.

Peter refused Marilyn's suggestion that he should rescind the appointment. The vibe between the two of them was mildly flirtatious. Afterward, Peter told Alicia he wanted to renew their wedding vows before his inauguration.

Grace the Sex Symbol

Grace (Mackenzie Vega) wore a relatively modest dress that Alicia thought was too sexy. Zach (Grham Phillips) showed Alicia the hot political daughters Web site which included Grace’s photo.  Alicia was disgusted by the comments.

A hot 20-something guy named Cam dropped by unannounced. Alicia ordered him to leave. He turned out to be Grace's pastor, but Alicia took it as an opportunity to lecture Grace about men preying on teen-age girls. Grace pathetically begged Alicia to get off her back and let her be pretty.

A Surrogacy Case That Makes everyone Look Bad

The case of the week involved a surrogate mother, Tara, who did not want to have an abortion when the fetus was diagnosed with a serious chromosomal abnormality, against the wishes of the biological parents who preferred to terminate the pregnancy.

Though the parents paid Alicia, she was technically representing the mother, Tara. The case involved all of the uncomfortable aspects of surrogate parenting. Alicia ended up representing Tara pro bono because the parents opted to stop paying her since Tara violated the terms of her contract.

Ultimately, the judge decided that Tara could not be forced to have an abortion after it was revealed that the doctor got the date of conception wrong and Tara was technically in her third trimester. The biological mother, Kathy, angrily blamed Tara for sticking her with what would in all probability be a very sick baby who would die young.

Everyone involved in this case was kind of a jerk.

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