Damon Lindelof Wants to Move on From ‘Lost’ Finale

"Lost." (ABC)

Raise your hand if you were let down by the ending of “Lost.”

Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. Series showrunner Damon Lindelof has heard it all before and apparently he is done. In a thought-piece he wrote for The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof pays homage to the finale of “Breaking Bad” and reflects on how he still has to deal with the ramifications of the famed ABC series and how it ended.

"I jump at the opportunity to acknowledge how many people were dissatisfied with how it ended," he writes. "I try to be self-deprecating and witty when I do this, but that's an elaborate (or obvious?) defense mechanism to let people know I'm fully aware of the elephant in the room and I'm perfectly fine with it sitting down on my face and shitting all over me."

So he offers fans a deal…

"I'd like to make a pact, you and me. And here's your part: You acknowledge that I know how you feel about the ending of Lost. I got it. I heard you. I will think about your dissatisfaction always and forever. It will stay with me until I lie there on my back dying, camera pulling slowly upward whether it be a solitary dog or an entire SWAT team that comes to my side as I breathe my last breath."

In return he writes that "I will finally stop talking about it. I'm not doing this because I feel entitled or above it - I'm doing it because I accept that I will not change hearts nor minds. I will not convince you they weren't dead the whole time, nor resent you for believing they were despite my infinite declarations otherwise."

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