Sheen Attempts to Explain Why Selma Blair Left His Sitcom: Watch

Charlie Sheen makes a point on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night (Photo: NBC)

Charlie Sheen sped through an explanation of why his “Anger Management” co-star, Selma Blair, left the show.

Sheen didn’t dwell on the subject when Jay Leno asked him about it on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night. Instead, Charlie glossed over the story of her exit, which was widely reported to have resulted from Blair’s extreme displeasure with Sheen and his work habits.

"What is happening on the show now?" Leno asked Sheen.

“Well, we’re calling it ‘Anger Management 2.0.’ It’s the reboot,” Sheen said just before he raced through a mention of Blair with a statement delivered so quickly that a casual viewer may have missed it.

"One of our primary characters, Selma Blair playing Kate, was written out," he said at lightning speed, "because - it was not about our relationship. The problem was too many people were still excited about the 'Two and a Half [Men]' character and thinking the 'Anger Management' character was dull."

Watch Charlie Sheen talking about Selma Blair on “The Tonight Show”:
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That was his statement. Here is our translation: Rather than pin Blair’s exit on her reportedly deteriorating relationship with him, Sheen denied all that. Instead, he’s come up with an explanation that has to do with the character he plays on the show.

According to his scenario, “Anger Management” viewers didn’t accept his character having a monogamous relationship with someone like Blair’s Kate character. Rather, they expect his character to be a brash bachelor, like the character of Charlie Harper that he played in “Two and a Half Men.” Thus, the Blair character had to be written out of the show.

Unfortunately, Charlie's explanation is at odds with the reports that circulated widely last June when she was reportedly fired from the FX series. Back then, the story centered on comments she supposedly made to a friend about working with Charlie. "Charlie [is] a menace to work with," she reportedly said. "He's late all the time and has a shoddy work ethic."

Sheen then reportedly fired her himself (he’s a producer as well as the star of “Anger Management”).

Our take is that her exit then made it necessary for "Anger Management" producers and writers to reimagine Sheen's character - not the other way around. "She leaves and I go on a … I start circling the drain," Sheen said of the way his character has been drawn now. "It's really fun to watch and hell of fun [sic] to play," he said.

Bonus “Tonight Show” video: Charlie finally receives his high school diploma — watch:
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