Deep Soap: No, Farrah Abraham Is Not Guest Starring on ‘Days of Our Lives’

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

No, Farrah Abraham Is Not Guest Starring on “Days of Our Lives”

Wednesday, gossip site Radar Online reported that “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham, who earned a small fortune and a large amount of infamy for appearing in a hardcore pornographic video a few moths ago, landed a guest-star role as a prostitute on “Days of Our Lives.” The article quoted an “inside source” as saying, “Farrah initially wanted one of the lead roles, but clearly she’s not a seasoned actress, so she auditioned for the role of a hooker named Destiny. Some of the cast and crew is peeved that she’s even on the show because they don’t think a popular daytime show that’s been on the air for 50 years needs to use a ridiculous ploy like Farrah’s name to get viewers.”

"Days of Our Lives" wants its viewers to know that the reality/porn star will not be setting foot in Salem. A spokesperson for the show told me, "These stories are 100 percent false. Farrah Abraham has not been cast for a role on "Days of our Lives."

Radar posted Abraham’s alleged audition videos, which feature Abraham reading (calling her performance acting would be far too generous) lines from what any “One Life to Live” fan would recognize as a scene between the characters of Matthew (Robert Gorrie) and Destiny (Laura Harrier). In fact, before the re-launch of the show last April, the audition sides Abraham used were published on several soap sites, leading to speculation that the character of Destiny, a wholesome teen on the ABC version of the show,  would become a gold digger who sought out the company of wealthy older men on Sugardaddy websites. In fact, the scene was just written for casting purposes. When the show premiered, Destiny turned out to be a single mom who struggled to pay the bills while working a legitimate job. Abraham posted the videos last April, around the time of OLTL’s premiere. Presumably, she thought it would be a way to generate publicity for herself given that both she and Destiny are teen mothers. It can’t have been a serious audition given that the character of Destiny is African-American, while Abraham is white. It’s unclear why Radar decided to write the story months later, unless Abraham’s representatives planted it, but it is amusing that the videos generated no buzz when they were posted.

Chandler Massey Released from Contract Early; Role of Will to be Recast

It was a week of tabloid headlines for DOOL. Though the Abraham rumor was completely false, Charlie Sheen’s Tweet that Chandler Massey, who just won a Daytime Emmy for playing the role of Will, was fired had an element of truth to it. On August 23, Massey Tweeted that he had just filmed his final episode, saying, “As I move forward from Days, I will never forget the laughs we shared, the tears we shed, & the love we spread. Time to get edumacated!” Then Charlie Sheen, who has the same publicist as Massey, Tweeted an expletive laden tirade claiming that DOOL fired Massey.

Though it was Massey's decision to leave the show, he is departing three months early. Apparently, when Massey announced to the Emmy press room that he planned to leave the show when his contract expired in December, it was the first the show's producer's had heard of it. The show began searching for a recast for the role and found the right performer, whose name has not been announced, more quickly than it expected. Massey did not find out that it was his last day on the show until he was done filming. The actor told TV Guide, "I'm actually glad things went down the way they did. I appreciate the producers for letting me out of my deal early because I can now pursue other opportunities I couldn't under contract…. Even if I'd left the way I thought I would, a party was never on the table. I don't like that sort of thing."

DOOL issued an official statement about Massey’s departure. “As Chandler Massey announced back in June, he will be leaving the show to further pursue his education and other entertainment opportunities. While ‘Days of our Lives’ is disappointed to lose such a talent, the show understands and supports him in his future endeavors. Due to current storyline and the timely discovery of new talent that the show feels is the right recast for Will Horton, a mutual decision has been made for the changes to take place immediately. Chandler will always be a part of the Days family and we wish him nothing but continued success.”

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“General Hospital” Baby Delivers

General Hospital” is as bipolar as its leading man Sonny Conrinthos. Since Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati became executive producers of “General Hospital,” the show has veered between brilliant and horrible. The duo followed the same pattern during their stint on “One Life to Live.” I spent the past couple of months ranting about how terrible the show had become since the arrival of Franco, Kiki and Silas, characters created solely to keep Roger Howarth, Kristen Alderson and Michael Easton employed on the show after The Online Network filed a lawsuit claiming that ABC had no right to use the characters that they created on OLTL for GH.

For the last two weeks, I have found myself once again impatiently waiting for the show to start, enthralled with the drama that is unfolding. The birth of Maxie’s (Kristen Storms) child has proven to be an umbrella event that brought the whole cast together, with unexpected interactions and repercussions. It was no surprise that Maxie realized she wanted to keep her baby rather than hand it over to Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), who believed that she was carrying their embryo. What was unexpected was that Ellie, because of her guilt and her fear that Maxie would break the news first, told Spinelli that he was the baby’s father, putting him in the untenable position of deciding whether or not to make a claim for his child while Maxie lay unconscious after a difficult birth. Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) was justifiably furious with Ellie (Emily Wilson) for lying to him for months, though Maxie begged her to keep her secret.

Nikolas and Britt's fledgling relationship was also complicated. Britt watched him rush to the hospital to meet his new niece, knowing that the baby wasn't really related to him, moments after she promised to be honest with him about everything. If she is, in fact, pregnant with Dante and Lulu's child, then their relationship becomes even more problematic. (There have been a couple of visual hints that perhaps there is a connection between Britt and newcomer Julian.)

Even the show’s longest-running triangle, between Luke (Tony Geary), Laura (Genie Francis) and Scott (Kin Shriner), reached another turning point in the hospital, when Scotty, already angry at Laura for leaving town to help Luke in his latest adventure, decided to divorce her. He realized that their decades of history, including their children and grandchildren, would always trump his love for her.

I know that GH will inevitably regress back to critical condition, but the storylines that have been set in motion have the potential to ripple out for months. I dare to dream the soap dream that the soap ecstasy will last far longer than the inevitable impending agony.

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