On ‘Kimmel,’ More Words of Wisdom from Ashton Kutcher: Watch

Ashton Kutcher, seen earlier this week in L.A. (Photo: Getty Images)

CBS sitcom star Ashton Kutcher has suddenly emerged as an articulate dispenser of worldly advice and observations.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, Kutcher, 35, revealed how he derived deep meanings from a visit to a modest but famous garage in a home in California.

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It was the garage in Los Altos, Calif., where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first gave birth to the Apple computer company. It was the home of Jobs’ parents, and Kutcher visited it to film scenes for his new movie about Jobs — titled “Jobs” — in which Kutcher plays the title role.

Apparently, the filmmakers sought and received permission to film in the actual garage, perhaps to lend the film authenticity and also to inspire the actors — primarily Kutcher and Josh Gad, who plays Wozniak in the movie.

Kimmel asked Kutcher if he was deeply moved when he first entered the garage. And Kutcher, somewhat surprisingly, said no. “It was just a garage,” he said sensibly. “But,” he added, “there was something that was powerful about the fact that it was just a garage because it reminded me a lot of the garages that I had when I was a kid.”

Watch Ashton Kutcher talk about Steve Jobs’ garage on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”:
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"The house is a very modest house. And what it made me realize is that they were just two guys that had a friendship, an idea and a willingness and passion for work, and they ended up building the most powerful company in the world from this garage," Kutcher said.

"And I think a lot of people, they look at life and they wait for somebody to hand them that big break that's gonna be the next big thing. … And really it's not about that," he advised. "It's about using what you have and using your resourcefulness and using your friendships and your relationships to inspire you to build something impactful."

In his appearance on “JKL,” Kutcher never mentioned his other “project” — “Two and a Half Men” — which is now in the midst of filming episodes for its upcoming new season with new cast member Amber Tamblyn. Nor did Kutcher mention the death, announced earlier in the day, of one of his former “That ’70s Show” co-stars, Lisa Robin Kelly. She died Wednesday in an alcohol rehab facility at age 43.

Earlier in the week, Kutcher dispensed similar observations about life when he gave an acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards.

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Watch the other parts of Ashton’s interview on “Kimmel”:
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