Fallon Reveals Five-Year Odyssey to Have Baby: Watch

Jimmy Fallon (right) showed off a baby outfit when he appeared on "The Today Show" last Friday, with co-host Bill Geist (Photo: NBC)

Jimmy Fallon revealed that he and his wife tried for five years to have a baby, and finally succeeded only when they turned to surrogacy.

Fallon, who recently became a father for the first time, spoke from the heart and from experience when he was interviewed by Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s “Today Show” late last week.

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The interview aired Tuesday (Aug. 13) on “Today.”

“Anyone who’s tried will know, it’s just awful,” Fallon, 38, said of the effort he and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, 46, undertook to have a child.

"We tried before, we told people and then it didn't happen. And it's just really depressing. It's really hard on everybody."

"We tried for a long time, I mean, for five years," said Fallon, who had a message of hope for other couples undertaking extraordinary methods to have a baby. "And I know people have tried much longer, but if there's anyone out there who's trying and just losing hope, just hang in there," he said. "Try every avenue, try anything you can do because you'll get there. You'll end up with a family and it is so worth it."

Watch Jimmy Fallon being interviewed on “The Today Show”:
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In the “Today Show” interview, Fallon indicated that he and his wife tried many methods (though he didn’t specify what they were) before turning to surrogacy, which apparently did the trick. The couple’s daughter, Winnie Rose, was born July 23.

"It's like I'm floating in a new bubble," Fallon said of his newfound fatherhood. "It's a whole new life. Everything's about the baby."

He also revealed that he and his wife named the girl Winnie after Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire where Fallon’s in-laws have long maintained a home.

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