‘King & Maxwell’ Boss on Season Finale: ‘One Door Closes, Another Opens’

Rebecca Romijn on "King & Maxwell" (Photo: TNT)

Monday is the night that Michelle Maxwell (Rebecca Romijn) will have to decide whether or not she is going to remain a partner in the private investigation firm of “King & Maxwell,” or whether she is going to return to her job in the Secret Service.

“Her whole life has been about trying to be in the Secret Service and she didn’t get to do it for as long as Sean [Jon Tenney] got to do it, so I think she feels like she was a little robbed of her career,” Romijn told xfinityTV in an exclusive interview. “They both lost their careers over one little mistake and she is going to have an opportunity to maybe go back.”

The difference between Sean and Michelle’s expulsion from the Secret Service is that Sean’s was eight years ago when the presidential candidate he was protecting was assassinated; while Michelle was let go when her charge was kidnapped.

“Michelle has only been out of the service for 18 months and she still dresses like an agent,” executive producer/showrunner Shane Brennan told us at the TNT party at the Television Critics Association press tour. “She still in her heart believes there is a chance for her to get back. She has a driving need to prove that she shouldn’t have been let go, that she is still worthy of being a Secret Service agent. She has to make a critical decision.”

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Of course, that choice is complicated by the fact that Michelle may have feelings for Sean King that run deeper than one would have for someone who is just a business partner.

"When you are in the Secret Service that's your life. You are not allowed to have a family, you can't even have a marriage; there is no room for any of that," Romjin says by way of explaining why Michelle may be in denial. "I think they have very deep feelings for each other and they need each other desperately, but they don't really know exactly why and they won't admit it to themselves, much less each other."

Sean just learned last week of Michelle's offer to return to the Secret Service, but there is nothing he can do about it. Instead, he is driven by the need to solve the mystery of the Ritter assassination, which happened on his watch. It is something that Michelle doesn't want him to follow up on, because she believes that nothing good can come out of it. She feels that the past is the past, and even if Sean should discover the truth, it isn't going to change anything.

So Sean’s determination to sleuth out the truth could end up being the driving force that will break up their partnership and send Michelle back to the Secret Service.

"We get to play out what we set up with Sean's history," Brennan adds. "We get to tie all of that up. We will find out what happened to Sean in the finale, but in the great tradition of cliffhangers, there is something else to be found. We won't leave you hanging. It is very satisfying, but when one door closes, another opens."

The "King & Maxwell" Season 1 finale airs Monday, August 12 at 10/9c on TNT. Cast members Rebecca Romijn, Jon Tenney, Ryan Hurst (Edgar) and author David Baldacci will be live Tweeting during the season finale of this summer's No. 1 new cable series.

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