UPDATED: FX, Lionsgate Say No to O.J. ‘Anger Management’ Role

Co-stars? O.J. Simpson reportedly wants Charlie Sheen to put him on "Anger Management" (Photos: Getty Images)

UPDATED: Reps from both FX and Lionsgate, the company that produces “Anger Management” for FX, both turned thumbs-down on a New York Post report that said an unnamed executive on the show gave a “resounding thumbs-up” to a proposal that would have O.J. Simpson guest-starring on the show if and when he is released from prison. A spokesperson for FX told XfinityTV that a Simpson guest shot on “Anger Management” will “never happen.” Separately, a rep for Lionsgate said “there’s no truth” to the Post story.

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PREVIOUSLY: O.J. Simpson is reportedly eyeing a TV comeback and he thinks Charlie Sheen is just the man to help him do it.

Simpson, 66, is serving a 33-year prison sentence in Nevada for armed robbery, but he reportedly thinks he has a shot at getting his conviction overturned pending a retrial (a hearing on that proposal was held in May, with a decision still pending).

And if he gets out, he’d like Sheen to help him land a recurring role on Sheen’s FX sitcom “Anger Management,” according to this story that appeared over the weekend in the New York Post.

The Post story quotes a man described as Simpson’s “longtime promoter,” a man named Norman Pardo. He told The Post he pitched the idea of O.J. taking up a recurring role on “Anger Management” to “a senior production exec on the FX series” and the exec gave the proposal a “resounding thumbs-up,” The Post reported.

"He said, 'Anger Management' with O.J. Simpson? That would be a perfect fit!" this promoter is quoted as telling the newspaper.

Our take: Certainly, we could carp on the evident tastelessness of this idea since it seems to spring, at least in part, from this sitcom’s title — “Anger Management” — and Simpson’s reputation for losing his temper. Most famously, he is believed by many to have killed his wife, Nicole, in a fit of rage, though he was acquitted in the crime. But tastelessness is nothing new in the TV business.

Still, we give this idea long odds of ever coming to fruition, mainly because O.J. has to get out of prison first. His 33-year sentence apparently makes him eligible for parole after serving nine years - which means he has to wait until at least 2017 to get out (if this latest gambit at a retrial is unsuccessful). Somehow, we doubt "Anger Management" will still be around four years from now.

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