Jerry O’Connell Joins Wife Rebecca Romijn on ‘King & Maxwell’

Married Actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

King & Maxwell” star Rebecca Romijn gets a visit from real-life hubby Jerry O’Connell on Monday night’s “Stealing Secrets” episode of the TNT series.

The case involves a congressman who is being threatened by a tabloid blogger. When the congressman turns up dead, Sean King (Jon Tenney) and Michelle Maxwell (Romijn) discover he was murdered by a hired hit man, but along the way, they connect with a low-rent P.I. named Waskiewicz (O’Connell), who insists on checking Michelle for a wire before he will talk to her.

"It's funny," Romijn says. "Sometimes there are people that Michelle flirts with in these scenes, and I always say to guest stars, 'This is your scene. Don't be shy. Get all up in here.' People get nervous, or they get shy, but when my husband came on, it was the opposite. I went into Michelle Maxwell mode on him to control him, which was hilarious."

This isn't the first time that Romijn and O'Connell have worked together. In fact, they have guest starred on each other's series so often, it's almost as if they have it put in their contract as part of their deal.

"No, it's not in the contract, it's just how it works out," Romijn says. "Actually, I think we have cross-pollinated with almost all of each other's shows. I think that almost every single one he has done and every single one I've done. We like each other's projects, and we actually really like working together, so it works out well."

Despite the fact that they enjoy spending time acting together, it doesn't always go smoothly. Romijn recalls, "There was one time a long time ago when I was working on one of his shows, it was this one day when we actually got into a fight like husbands and wives do, but we still had to be together all day long."

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Someone Romijn also didn’t mind spending all day long on the set with was “Leverage” star Christian Kane, who is going to guest star as Michelle’s brother’s this season.

"He did something every single day that made me laugh so hard," she says. "I really enjoyed working with him, and, I hope, that his is a character that we'll keep seeing again. Right now, they're bringing on these characters [O'Connell included] to help populate our world, and a lot of these characters are scheduled to be seen again."

Another possible recurring character is cheesy lawyer Hamilton G. Scales, played by Daniel Roebuck, who is also working on the upcoming TNT series “Lost Angels,” scheduled to debut in 2014.

Romijn believes that the actors are a big part of what makes "King & Maxwell" stand out from other shows. She says, "We're asking you to care more about the people working on the case than the case itself. We're going for a very specific tone that is not too serious, that is not too comedic, that is somewhere right in the middle. Our cast is full of great actors. We really enjoy each others' company and we love our show."

“King & Maxwell” airs Monday nights at 10/9c on TNT.

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