Guest-Star LeAnn Rimes ‘Dolls’ Up for Sheen in Lingerie

Charlie Sheen and LeAnn Rimes (Photos: Getty Images)

Singer LeAnn Rimes kept her fans in the loop as she taped a scantily clad guest appearance this week on the Charlie Sheen sitcom “Anger Management.”

Among the revelations emanating from Rimes’ Twitter feed: Her role on the show had her changing into, then out of, then back into unspecified lingerie.

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“Got out of lingerie for one scene, now I’m back in it. At least I’m comfortable & No shoes is a plus,” said one of her tweets on Tuesday, according to this story on the People magazine Web site.

She apparently got fitted for the sexy togs on Monday, when she expressed her anticipation for the next day's shoot. "Just did my fitting for @AngerMgmtFX Loving my character's getup! Charlie is a doll. Looking forward to tomorrow," she tweeted then.

Rimes finished her scenes on Tuesday, but it was a long day, according to her tweets. "Still on set. Last scene coming up. I'm in need of a bed … even though I've been in one for half the day lol," she quipped. She also revealed the airdate of her episode - next week on July 11 (a pretty fast turnaround).

“Just finished! So much fun today!! What an amazing cast and crew,” she tweeted when the workday ended.

Filming on “Anger Management” apparently went smoothly for LeAnn Rimes, although the show has been plagued lately by stories of dissension — most notably, Sheen engineering the dismissal of co-star Selma Blair reportedly because she complained too much about his work habits.

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