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All it takes is one glance at the day’s headlines to realize there are so many issues that tear us apart: race, money, Beiber vs. One Direction. However, there is one thing that brings us all together, and that’s love for our moms. (Those of you who have read or seen “Mommie Dearest,” please put your hands down!) Perhaps we don’t show it as we should throughout the year, but then again, that’s why we have one day out of the 365 that we can set aside for her.

Still, celebrating Mother's Day can be tricky at times. Perhaps our moms live to far away to go visit. Perhaps one of you has to spend the day working. Or perhaps you're still a bit mad over her throwing out your baseball card collection years ago and don't want to see her. If that's the case, or even if it's not, Streampix is here to help celebrate the big day with these shows featuring some of TV's most fascinating moms.

Lynette Scavo, “Desperate Housewives

This series had more than its share of interesting moms, each of whom had plenty of ups and downs (you should probably count Katharine Mayfair’s replacing her dead daughter with a lookalike as one of the bigger downs). Lynette (Felicity Huffman) had her own rocky times during the series, whether it was taking in the illegitimate child from her husband’s affair or fighting cancer. Still, whereas some of the show’s moms could become a bit like a living cartoon, Lynette always seemed like the most real.












Sarah Braverman, “Parenthood

As Lorelai Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls,Lauren Graham was kind of like everyone’s dream mom. Funny. Compassionate. Hip in a real way (and not in that pretend way that certain parents – you know who you are – like to do). Her Sarah Braverman is equally divorced, although with two kids to watch over rather than just the one. However, she’s also a little older, a little wiser and a lot more like the mom you wished could adopt you. Or at least go out for drinks with you.












Nora Walker, “Brothers & Sisters

First of all, it’s kind of tough to picture Sally Field as the matriarch of a large family with a bunch of adult children. It seems like just yesterday she was cruising in a Burt Reynolds’ Firebird or holding up her union sign. Second of all, she did make for a surprisingly tough and resilient mom helping her kids deal with everything from cancer to broken romances to their insistence that she’s a lesbian. Which, by the way, she wasn’t. (What kind of Mother’s Day card do you get to apologize for that mistake?)












Tami Taylor, “Friday Night Lights

For decades now, society has debated whether or not women can have it all – the happy marriage, the thriving career and the successful parenthood. The jury is still out about how possible achieving this actually is, but exhibit A for the defense is Connie Britton as Tami Taylor. She’s raising a high school daughter as well as a baby. Her husband values her opinions and still enjoys making out with her. Not only did she give high school guidance counselors a good name, she graduated from that gig to being Dean Of Admissions at fancy East Coast college. All that’s missing is a cape and a pair of tights with the words “Super Mom” emblazoned on the front.












June Cleaver, “Leave It To Beaver

“June Cleaver” isn’t just the name of Barbara Billingsley’s character in this ‘50s sit-com. It’s also become the direction definition of the perfect mom. Whether it was her amazing ability to vacuum in heels or her incredible knack for needlepoint , June is exactly what we imagine our moms were like. Which begs the question: does that mean our moms see all of us as either Beavers or Wallys?


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