As ‘The Office’ Closes, Angela Kinsey Looks Back At Some Favorite Episodes

Angela Kinsey (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

After nine seasons playing the obstinate Angela on “The Office,” Angela Kinsey was perfectly entitled to a souvenir from the set after the show’s final episode was filmed. It’s just that she might have wanted to rethink taking home that big portrait of her character that appeared in the office of her boyfriend, the senator (Jack Coleman).

“I’m very stern looking in it,” Kinsey says with a laugh. “It’s the sort of horrible thing you’d never want hanging in your home, but I thought it was hilarious. As well as creepy and awkward. So I’m going to hang it in my home. I can picture my daughter  having her friends over to look at it now, and they all ask her, ‘Why does your mom look so pissed in that?’ And her answer will be, ‘Mommy was paid to be a bitch for nine years.’”

Mommy Kinsey was also paid to keep “Office” fans laughing for nearly a decade, and as the series prepares to end its network run on May 16, the actress spoke with Xfinity to talk about six of her favorite Angela episodes:

Diversity Day

This was our first episode filmed after the pilot and I felt like that was the moment I knew we had something special. There was the moment when all the characters were sitting around with these giant postcards on our heads….it seemed like we had lightning in a bottle because there was nothing on American TV like that.












Christmas Party

I remember feeling like we rounded a corner with this one. Right after it aired,we were told it was the number one show downloaded on iTunes. We had been thinking we were going to get canceled but apparently, we had clicked with America after all. My character had a real meltdown in the episode. She was at the party and the next think I know, I'm out in the parking lot shrieking in the snow. Which was a lot of fun to play.












Dinner Party

I loved this one. The characters all got to see Michael Scott (Steve Carell) in his condo, along with Jan (Melora Hardin). It was one of those dinner gatherings where everything just went wrong. The episode was great because we’ve all had experiences like that.  I had a small dinner one night with eight people, a Passover dinner. This one guy showed up and started to tell everyone everything about his recent breakup to the point where nobody wanted to stay.












Valentine’s Day

This was the episode where I give Dwight (Rainn Wilson) the bobblehead of himself Then, he gives me his key. Their relationship was a secret in those days and we had so much fun with that. I’m a sucker for their storylines together and I love how we connected in that one in particular.













This is the second to last new episode that you'll ever see. And it's a big one for Angela. She is stripped of everything she ever cared about and has a public humiliation and breakdown. It was so much fun to do, and it was great even if it doesn't seem particularly nice to her.


This was awesome to make. It was such an ambitious script. It felt like shooting movie. We got amazing guest stars, like Joan Cusack and Ed Begley, Jr., and Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak came back. All of these great characters you’ve grown to love over the years all get to have a really beautiful moment. As for Angela, I’m very happy with where she ends up.  And I’m very grateful because all the characters were together for the final scene.

Early in the season, we knew it was time for the show to finish. If we'd kept going, we would have lost more cast members and it wouldn't be the show we started out to make. So the writers met with the actors individually to talk about what our hopes were for the characters, what we wanted our goodbyes to be like. And some ideas of mine were used and some weren't, but one of the things I'd said would be nice to have happen they did work in there. I would say what it is, but it's great and perfect for my character.




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