‘DWTS’: Ingo Rademacher’s Son Peanut Steals the Show: ‘He’s the After Party King!’

"DWTS": Ingo Rademacher and his son Peanut (Photo: ABC)

Soap star Ingo Rademacher’s adorable son Peanut (yes, that’s his real name) stole the show on “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday night when behind-the-scenes footage revealed that the entire cast has fallen in love with the boy.

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Peanut got high fives in the audience from all of the celebrities as they walked up to the Skybox during Monday's show. And in the most hilarious moment of the season, precocious Peanut, who will turn 5 in July, was shown shouting at Ingo's co-stars, "See you at the after party!" as his dad held him in the "DWTS" parking lot after Monday night's show.

The “General Hospital” actor explained to xfinityTV on Tuesday, “I had him on my arm and the cameras were there and they were talking to us and then everyone was walking past and Peanut’s like, ‘See you at the after party, Victor!,’ “ referring to boxer Victor Ortiz, who was eliminated on Tuesday’s show.

Ingo’s partner Kym Johnson said, “He always goes to the after party. He’s friendly with everyone. He’s adorable!”

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Ingo said Peanut is thrilled to be at the show and even has become a mini "DWTS" judge! "Zendaya [Coleman] came by and I said 'What score would you give her?' and he gave her a three and we were like, 'Is that a good number?' and he was like, 'Yep' and I said, 'There you go, Zendaya. That's a good score, three!' " Ingo laughed, "We've got to work on the math."

Ingo confirmed Peanut is his son's actual first name, and coming up with it wife his wife, Ehiku, "wasn't very difficult. Right from the start, he was Peanut. When he came out, he looked like a peanut. We called him Peanut in the belly.

"We thought we were having a girl, so we had a lot of girls' names picked out. We didn't have a lot of boy's names picked out and we were like, you know what? He's going to be Peanut! That's it!"

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Ingo told xfinityTV that having wife Ehiku, Peanut, and their other son, Pohaku, who is almost one year old, in Los Angeles with him as he works on "DWTS" has meant the world to him. The family has left their Hawaii home temporarily and Ingo said, "It's awesome having them here. Tuesday nights, sometimes they don't show up because it's too much for the kids two days in a row; they get a little bit antsy but Monday nights, having my wife and Peanut in the crowd is always so awesome.

"I'm so stoked that my little guy is really enjoying the dances. He loves watching all the celebrities. He's friends with all of them! He's the after party king, now! He wanted to come with me to the after party last week, and I said, 'No, you gotta go home.'"

But Peanut made the “DWTS” party scene this week and Kym said Peanut is even known for his magic tricks.
"He has fake lights that look like candles and he goes 'blow' and he'll like magically turn it on. It's so cute," she said.

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