‘The Vampire Diaries’: The Cure is Found with a Surprising Twist

"The Vampire Diaries": Candice Accola as Caroline and Joseph Morgan as Klaus (Photo: Annette Brown/The CW)

All season, everyone on “The Vampire Diaries” has been searching for the cure. In this week’s episode “American Gothic,” we finally see it in all its seemingly innocuous inanimate object glory. The cure as it turns out looks nothing like the band The Cure. We also see the far more aesthetically pleasing Elijah. Despite the presence of the cure this was a relatively uneventful episode by the action-packed stands of TVD, but it has a juicy twist ending. Read on for the highlights.

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Elena Out Katherine’s Katherine: Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) stop in a small town of Willoughby, the creamed corn capital of Pennsylvania, after days of unsuccessful Katherine hunting.  A hungry Elena  is about to bite  a woman on the neck. The woman cheerfully calls her Katherine and asks to bite her  wrist. It turns out Katherine has compelled the whole town. The residents happily offer themselves up as food but forget her when not talking to her.  That’s a smart scheme. If Elena hadn’t come to town Katherine could have hidden indefinitely.

Elena and Katherine come face to face and have a short but awesome fight. With Rebekah's help, Elena prevails and takes Katherine to a diner where they make a civilized demand for the cure. Katherine takes in the new humanity-free Elena, saying it's sad for the Salvatores that, "Their special snowflake of human frailty is gone. " Katherine claims that she changed. Her plan is to give Klaus the cure which he can dispose of as he sees fit in exchange for her freedom. Elena sticks a fork through Katherine's hand and steals her phone. She scrolls through her calendar and learn she has a meeting with "M." Elena decides she will impersonate Katherine at the meeting and forces Katherine to give up her shoes and jacket. It is a really nice jacket. She has a good time rehearsing her Katherine impression and Dobrev does a great job of differentiating between Elena, Katherine, and Elena pretending to be Katherine.

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Elijah and Katherine Sitting in a Tree..?!: M turns out to be Elijah (Daniel Gilles)! He greets “Katherine” with a kiss! What?!  Of course, he quickly figures out she is Elena. She is appalled he hooked up with Katherine. He reminds her that he and Katherine have a history: he did fall for her when she was a Bulgarian peasant. He realizes Elena has abandoned her emotions. She breaks the news that Katherine killed Jeremy. Elijah is furious that Katherine omitted that detail from her tale of woe. Elijah reminds Elena of the letter he wrote about her compassion. She says she enjoyed watching it burn. Katherine shows up, after fleeing her house (see below) and knocks Elena out.

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The Cure is Found…. Not: Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) join Rebekah and Katherine’s awkward lunch, taking  to her house to search for the cure. Katherine won’t tell them where it is, but it’s hard to miss the fish tank filled with vervaine water, and no fish. He sticks his hand in and gets burned by vervaine. She pushes his face in the water and snatches the little bottle everyone has been looking for all season.  Katherine throws it to Rebekah before she disappears. It’s just in a bottle. Rebekah doesn’t believe Damon really wants Elena to have the cure, pointing out that she will run back to Stefan. So Damon doesn’t try too hard to take the little vial from her. She drinks it before Stefan can stop her. Then she passes out. But when she wakes up, she is still a vampire.

The Cure… For Real: Elijah confronts Katherine about killing Jeremy, leaving Elena without family. She justifies it as collateral damage, which is actually fairly true. Katherine claims she loves Elijah. He wants to believe her but can’t. He walks away saying he will never know her. Katherine goes to the house of the first woman she compelled to retrieve her “package.” It’s a blood colored vial in a small velvet jewelry box. The cure should really look more impressive. She goes to Elijah and says she wants to try to be a better person. She offers him the cure, saying she could shove the cure down Klaus’s throat, but if she does she would lose Elijah. She asks him to trust her. She gives Elijah the cure and leaves.

Rebekah asks Elijah for the cure. He refuses because he thinks she has romanticized humanity. He tells Klaus he is bringing the cure back to Mystic Falls. This of course means that Silas has a shot at the cure. Yay?

Elena Really, Really Does Not Want the Cure: Stefan realizes Katherine gave Rebekah a fake cure. Damon admits to Stefan he let Rebekah take it. Then when she did, he realized it was a mistake because Elena needs it. Stefan says that once Elena is cured he’s getting her out of his life and getting a life of his own.

Elena reiterates to both brothers that she doesn't want the cure. She warns them that if they don't accept it, there will be consequences. Stefan reminds her that she refused to accept it when he told her to give up on him. So Elena kills a waitress - and says if they keep trying to cure her, every time they do here will be another dead body.

Klaus Experiences the Joys of Psychological Torture: The good news is that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) spends the entire episode shirtless. The bad news is that it’s because he is bleeding. Last week, you’ll recall, Silas stabbed him with the white oak stake. He tells Caroline (Candice Accola) that a piece is still in his back. “As much as I would love to watch you die, you still haven’t found me that cure,” she snarls. It’s actually Silas using Caroline’s face.

Eventually, Real Caroline shows up because he keeps texting her. She points out that she has no interest in helping him because he ran Tyler out of town. Caroline seems to be completely over killing twelve people last week, which seems off, especially since the scenes would be more interesting if she were wracked with guilt. Klaus reminds her that if he dies, she and her friends die too. He wants her to cut the stake out of him with pliers. Caroline can't find it. She tells him he deserves to suffer. If she wants his help he has to let Tyler come back. They have big argument. He realizes the pain is suddenly gone. It was psychosomatic thanks to Silas's manipulations. He says Caroline brought him back by taking his mind off the pain. So we've learned another one of Silas's powers. Is there anything he can't so?

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