Lindsay Lohan Was ‘Pain’ to Work with on ‘Anger Management,’ Threw Up in Parking Lot

Lindsay Lohan (Photo: Getty Images)

In addition to her ongoing battle with addiction, Lindsay Lohan also seems to be abusing the umpteenth “second chance” she’s been given in the acting department.

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After initial reports that her first day on the set as a guest star on Charlie Sheen’s FX series “Anger Management” went well, there are multiple reports claiming that the Lohan situation went downhill on Days 2 and 3.

Lohan, 26, had been scheduled to film her scenes earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday (March 25 and 26). "The first day was fine," according to reports, but after her scenes didn't go well on Tuesday, filming was extended a day so the actress could wrap up shooting. Lohan was forced to return to the set early Wednesday, and as she's known to do, allegedly arrived hours late for her call time, looking much worse for the wear.

According to The New York Daily News, Lohan “had to get up early to shoot the scenes before she flew out to Brazil. She looked hungover and puked in the parking lot.”

The day before, Lohan had allegedly created a scene because shooting ran late and “threatened with her personal plans for the evening.”

"She threw a tantrum and wouldn't come out of her trailer," a source told the NYDN. "She really pulled out all the stops."

Another insider tells a similar Lohan tale of Whoa to E! Online.

"She was a colossal pain in the ass," their source says. "It's a shame, because when she actually gets on camera she is good and has comedic timing. But she comes with so much luggage it's not worth it."

The source added: "From the moment she arrived yesterday she did nothing but hold up the production. She would sit in her trailer and stall and she delayed until she up and left for her boyfriend's concert…She held everyone hostage."

Lohan is guest starring on an upcoming episode of “Anger Management,” thanks to the goodwill of her fellow hard-partying pal Charlie Sheen, who offered her the gig after they both appeared in cameos for “Scary Movie 5.”

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