XFINITY Watchathon Week: ‘DWTS’ Stars Reveal Their Binge-Watching Addictions

The Season 16 “Dancing with the Stars” celebrities and their pro partners are on a marathon of their own right now and have no time to watch TV. But once their time on the hit ABC reality show is over, many of them will get caught up with their favorite shows by binge viewing!

In honor of XFINITY Watchathon Week, we asked some of the “DWTS” cast members to share their TV marathon viewing habits with xfinityTV:

Sean Lowe:The Bachelor” star gave us his tips on how fans should binge watch his season of “The Bachelor” — you can catch-up on the “born-again virgin’s” edition during Watchathon: “Pop popcorn! Bring the people over!” Sean said when he watched his own season, “I just watched it with friends, a mixed bag of men and women.” The next time he binge watches a show, Sean expects it will be HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire“: “I love Steve Buscemi. Great show!”

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Wynonna Judd: When asked about her binge-viewing habits, the country singer told xfinityTV: “The last time I did that was with ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’ It reminds me of where I come from and life before Tweeting. I grew up in country music when people did face to face instead of Facebook. I do not want an email for my birthday — I want a card. Can you relate?” Meanwhile, Wynonna’s partner, Tony Dovolani, can’t get enough of the NBC show “Smash,” which he watched in a recent marathon. “I love that show,” Tony said. “It’s unbelievable how they go through the Broadway auditions. Don’t tell me anything about the second season because I’m waiting for it to be finished so I can watch it all at once! I don’t want any interruptions the entire time when I see it. I got so hooked on it,” said the pro dancer.

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Jacoby Jones: The NFL football star said he has binge watched “Martin” with Martin Lawrence. “I like it because you got Jerome and Dragonfly Joe—that’s where I got my nickname from, Dragonfly Joe. I don’t turn my cell phone off when I’m watching a TV marathon, but I’m glued to the TV.” Jacoby’s dance partner, Karina Smirnoff, told xfinityTV, “I’ve done “24.” I watched a whole season in like two nights! Also, I can watch “Friends” for a week nonstop. When I sit at home and watch a marathon, it’s usually because I’m upset about something and it’s my way of getting over things. That takes your mind away from whatever else is going on in your life. You’re getting your bucket of ice cream and watching ‘Friends’,” Karina laughed.

"Bachelor" and "DWTS" Star Sean Lowe and His Dance Partner Peta Murgatroyd (Photo: ABC)

Dorothy Hamill: The famed ice skater was a fan of her “DWTS” co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, before they even met – because she has binge-watched the Bravo reality show! Dorothy confided to xfinityTV, “I’ve binge watched ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ It’s usually a rainy weekend or something and I’ll put my feet up. I love the show and I adored meeting Lisa and her husband Ken and [her dog] Giggy. I love the glamour. I love Lisa. I think she’s so honest and funny. I want to see what she has to say. My daughter has left the nest. She lives in a different city. She binge watches. I think she still watches “Will and Grace,” which we used to watch together all the time.”

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Andy Dick: “I did a marathon of “24” back in the day. And “Arrested Development.” I love it. It’s great because with “Arrested Development,” in a marathon viewing session, you’ll see jokes that you wouldn’t ‘get’ unless you did watch them all in a row — and I like that!” Andy said. Meanwhile, Andy’s partner Sharna Burgess said, “I have done marathon viewing a lot. When I’m on dance tours, I don’t really get to watch TV so I have to just go online to watch it. Some of the shows I love are “Game of Thrones,” “Scandal,” “Revenge,” “Once Upon a Time.” My life is so busy and I’m constantly taking on multiple projects and it’s hard to stop my brain so it’s amazing to just sit, zone out, and watch a TV show for hours, episode by episode.”

Ingo Rademacher: The “General Hospital” star said he has binge-watched the military-themed show “Last Resort.” Ingo explained that he and his family, who live in Hawaii, “have a TV but we don’t have TV — we have … the computer. It was great to see episodes in a row of the show because you don’t have to wait a week for the cliffhanger!” He didn’t watch “Last Resort” with his wife and two young sons: “This was late at night by myself on the couch,” he laughed. “They were all asleep.” Ingo’s pro dance partner Kym Johnson said, “I watched all of ‘Homeland‘ at once and that was amazing and then I was so upset when I had to do it week by week. I much prefer to do it all at once. I don’t want to wait another week to find out the next thing! “Homeland” was one of those shows I was a little late getting on board with it so when I found it I had to watch a whole season at once.” Kym described her favorite way to experience a marathon: “I get on the couch and get my nice little blanket and cuddle up with my dog and pause for little coffee breaks.”

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Victor Ortiz: The boxer said he binge watched “Dancing with the Stars,” Season 3, so he could see his friend, Mario Lopez. “That’s the only season I ever watched,” Victor said. “It was good. I’ve known Mario for years and I respect him in every aspect possible so I did a TV-viewing marathon to see him performing as a dancer.”

Kellie Pickler: On marathon viewing, Kellie said, “I love ‘Breaking Bad‘ and ‘Nashville.’ I’m not a big television watcher; I’m on the bus on the road a lot and that’s my moment to be still. But I do have my marathon nights.”

Zendaya Coleman: The Disney “Shake It Up” star said, “There’s a whole lot of shows I’ve watched in marathons — ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ ‘Ugly Betty.’ I live up in the hills and nobody wants to deliver food to my house, so during TV marathons, my mom makes me this amazing microwave macaroni and cheese from Trader Joe’s! It’s delicious!”

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