‘The Mindy Project’ Stars Offer Tips on Binge Watching Their Show

Ed Weeks, Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina from "The Mindy Project" (FOX)

You may not have delved into “The Mindy Project” yet. Many viewers are reluctant to invest time in first season shows which might get cancelled. Fortunately, the comedy was renewed for a second season, making XFINITY’s Watchathon Week the perfect opportunity to catch up on what has developed into a very funny show. Reading the cast’s hilarious hilarious advice about how to binge watch “The Mindy Project” will inspire you to press play.

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MAX WARBURTON (Showrunner)
Shows He has Binge Watched: I tore through all of “The Wire” in about a month. It’s actually easier for drama I think than comedy. I mean, it takes a stronger version of a TV fan to binge watch comedy. That’s a lot of jokes to sit through in a few hours. Watch every episode of “The Wire” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.
Advice on Binge Watching “The Mindy Project”: “I would recommend [drinking] whiskey cocktails and  [eating]  sour straws. Sour straws are Mindy the real person’s favorite.

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ED WEEKS (Jeremy Reed)
Shows He Has Binge Watched: I got into “The Sopranos” recently. I watched the whole six seasons in about a month. It was pretty full on.  You know, it’s not a light show. It begins lightly and then it becomes very, very heavy and  you get depressed about everything in your whole life and you start believing you’re a New Jersey gangster and you start mistrusting everybody and thinking they’re going to kill you. So that was a pretty intense experience. I like to binge on TV shows. I like to pile them all on my DVR. It’s probably not good for the ratings so I apologize to those shows that need those ratings. “Community” was a very recent one, which I just think is so f–king hilarious. Watch every episode of “The Sopranos” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.
Advice on Binge Watching “The Mindy Project”: To me the best advice is on binge watching, it’s more of a view on shows and how they develop. It’s very interesting to see how the world mature. A show initially has to get on its feet. Then it starts to become amazing. I’m a writer as well so I’m always curious about that phenomenon. I think part of it is people start to get more comfortable in their roles and the writing gets more confident. But I think also the audience gain familiarity. So you start to begin to love these characters and then you love the show more. So I think that’s what happened with us. The fans have found us. I would invite them to eat corn chips. It’s one of Mindy’s character’s favorite snack foods. And just drink vodka. Fall asleep. Press pause and wake up a couple days later regretting everything and pick up again.

Catch Up on the Most Recent Episode of “The Mindy Project”:

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BETH GRANT (Beverly Janoszewski)
Shows She Has Binge Watched: “Mad Men” for sure. I loved Kelsey Grammer’s “Boss.” Kelsey and my husband [Michael Chieffo] went to Julliard together. I always vote for the Emmys and I’m a dutiful Emmy voter so I watch at least two or three episodes of whatever I vote for. We watched every episode of that. I just loved it. I thought it was like Shakespeare.
Advice on Binge Watching “The Mindy Project”: Do not feel guilty. The first time I did it, I felt so guilty. I think it’s something that we’re doing right now in this culture. You’re not alone. There’s an episode of “Portlandia” where they give in and watch all of the “Battlestar Gallactica” episodes, and I told my husband, “You know what? It was on ‘Portlandia.’ We can do this thing.” So I say stock up on the food that you want, and just do it. Don’t do more than four hours a day because you really do need to breathe and exercise and get some work done. I think four hours a day, steady pace. Watch full episodes of “Portlandia” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.

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IKE BARINHOLTZ (Morgan Tookers)
Shows He Has Binged: My wife and I spent a whole weekend curled up with “Breaking Bad.” Binge watching is good. It’s the only time that binging is good. Heroin, not as good. Bad fast food, not as good. TV shows, what are you going to do? Hurt your hands pressing the remote? It’s a good thing.
Advice on Binge Watching “The Mindy Project”: Make sure you have snacks. If you really want to make it appropriate to getting involved in our show, make it that gummy sour patch stuff that Mindy likes. A big tub of popcorn. Ed Weeks is English, so he’s a big drinker so a bottle of wine maybe. And Beth [Grant] never wears pants, so take your pants off. You can watch it any time of day. It’s one of those shows where you can wake up and go, “Oh let’s watch it.” Because it’s not going to assault you. It’s just a fun people having a fun time.


ZOE JARMAN (Betsy Putch)
Shows She has Binged: I binge watched “Game of Thrones” so I would be ready for the second season. I did a few seasons of “Mad Men” a couple years ago. It can feel really good at the time to binge watch. I remember binge watching “Mad Men,”  I felt like I was in that world. I’d expect Elisabeth Moss to be around the corner. Watch every episode of “Game of Thrones” during XFINITY Watchathon Week.
Advice for binge watching “The Mindy Project”:  I think [people] should go ahead and go for it because the [episodes] are so palatable and packed full of stories and jokes. So have fun. I envy them. I say [do it] on the weekend during the evening when you have undivided attention. You can really enjoy it. [Eat] maybe some ice cream. Maybe some popcorn. Maybe a cup of tea.

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