‘Parenthood’ Stars: How to Binge Watch Our Show During XFINITY Watchathon Week

XFINITY Watchathon Week

If you’re looking for a good cry, binge watch “Parenthood.” The family drama is filled with well-written  tearjerker storylines about Aspergers Syndrome, cancer and adoption. It also features more scenes of characters talking over each other than the rest of the XFINITY Watchathon Week shows combined. The people who bring the Bravermans to life are every bit as skilled at binge watching as they are at making you sob. Follow their advice, and you will definitely have an emotionally cathartic binge watching experience. You might even be inspired hit pause to phone your dad just to tell him that you love him.

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JASON KATIMS (Showrunner)

Shows He Has Binge Watched:I watched “Downton Abbey” that way, “Breaking Bad,” [and] to some degree “Homeland.” My advice to people is to do it. I think it’s a great way to watch television. I learned to do it from people from [his former show] “Friday Night Lights” and “Parenthood” telling me that they’d done it. It’s a great way to watch TV because you always feel like, “Oh, you could just put in another episode,” and it’s fantastic.

From March 25-31, XFINITY TV subscribers can enjoy free access to every episode of “Parenthood” during Watchathon Week, the biggest-ever TV catch-up in history.

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”: I don’t want to be presumptuous and talk about [needing] Kleenex [while watching “Parenthood”], but I think that what I love about it is I have a hard time not being to able to watch everything. I’m frustrated that with “The Sopranos,” [because] I didn’t get to see everything. I would say start at the beginning and know that you aren’t missing any episodes. It’s dangerous because you could lose sleep. I watch my show with my wife. The episode ends, I look at her and it’s like, “You want another one? Okay, one more.” It could lead to irresponsible living.

Don’t Delay: Start Watching “Parenthood” Now, Beginning with the Pilot Episode:


PETER KRAUSE (Adam Braverman)

Shows He Has Binge Watched: I binge watched “Breaking Bad.” Because of my own filming schedule and being a dad, I saw a couple episodes [out of order] and thought, I’ve got to watch this from the beginning. I started watching them sequentially. I went through all the seasons in three months.

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”: Get your snacks ready and settle in. Binge watching is a beautiful way to experience a television program.



Shows He Has Binge Watched: The first one that I ever did that with was “Lost.” I didn’t start watching until the fourth season. so over the summer I just caught up on the first three and I couldn’t stop. I also did that with “Columbo.”  Somehow I got the first season of “Columbo” and I just got obsessed with it. I’ve also done that with “The Twilight Zone.” I actually prefer to watch shows like that. You don’t have to wait week-to-week. It’s up to you when you want to watch it and you have all of this story to just get through. It’s also wonderful if you’re sick or you have a day off or a night off. It’s just fun to get down and have like a big meal.

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”: Make sure you go to the supermarket and you get food before you start watching because I will just watch and watch and watch until my stomach will eat itself. Then I go to my fridge and there’s nothing in there and I have to take a break and go and get food. I should have done that earlier so I can just keep the momentum going.

SAM JAEGER (Joel Graham)

Shows He Has Binge Watched: Binge watching for parents is different. Binge watching for parents is one episode. So we watched one episode [of a show] and then another night we watched another episode and that was like watching a 40-hour documentary or something.

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”: “It’s interesting to see the pilot again and see how vastly different it is from the show that we created by the end of season one. I think season 4 is the strongest, but if they start from the beginning,  they will be rewarded.


Shows They Have Binged:

Whitman: Miles and I live together. We are hoping to soon binge watch “Project Runway.” We binge watched “Breaking Bad.” Obviously, “Friday Night Lights,” I binge watched.

Heizer: “American Horror Story.” It’s like my favorite thing to do.

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”:

Whitman: Miles and I have been eating a lot of pretzels. We also like fruit, oranges or apples. Miles got double mega stuffed Oreos and we dip them in peanut butter… Start from the beginning.

Heizer: And eat the whole time.

Whitman: Keep a cozy blanket together.

MAX BURKHOLDER (Max Braverman)

Shows He Has Binge Watched: Over spring break, which was just a week long, I watched seasons one through eight of “The Office.”

How to Binge Watch “Parenthood”: Keep plenty of drinks and snacks near by so you don’t have to get up. Be in a room very close to a bathroom. Don’t forget to pause. Do maybe 30 minutes of walking outside.

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