‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Is Meredith Having a Boy or a Girl?

Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC)

This week on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith and Derek learn the gender of their unborn child, Callie and Arizona finally rekindle their love life, and April decides that virginity is just like a zillion dollar imaging machine. It’s a weird, quirky episode.

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Meredith is Convinced There’s Something Wrong With Her Baby: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)  is certain that her baby has some sort of birth defect, just because it’s her natural pessimism. After spending the whole episode talking about all of the potential problems in a weirdly joking fashion with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Cristina (Sandra Oh), Derek finally persuades her to get an ultrasound. After all that build up, I almost wanted her to be pregnant with “Eraserhead.” Of course the baby is fine. It is also a he. Given his lineager, I think it’s safe to say that Baby Boy Grey-Shepherd is a future hottie.

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Callie and Arizona Get It On: Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) has a new high heeled prosthesis. It makes her feel sexy. Callie is thrilled because they still haven’t had sex. Then Arizona’s leg starts to hurt, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because no surgeon would ever wear heels to work. They’re on their feet all day! Callie realizes they aren’t going to have sex and snaps at her about how every time it looks like it’s going to happen, Arizona gets upset about something, and she has to be supportive and pretend it doesn’t bother her. Callie finally persuades Arizona to let her, instead of Arizona’s doctor, adjust the prosthesis. She takes it off, and determines it’s the residual limb that the problem. She sensually massages Callie’s stump. It’s actually a pretty daring, unique romantic scene. Watch it here.

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That night Arizona puts on some lingerie and they finally have sex.

The E.R. Reopens: The newly christened Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital is once again a Level 1 Trauma Center. Not only has the E.R. reopened, but the hospital has purchased a lot of fancy new gadgets as well as coffee cup sleeves with the hospital’sogo. Everybody loves them, even though they hated it when Pegasus mandated the use of tablets.The sexiest device is a super fast full body scanner. When it’s mentioned that the contraption is safe for pregnant women I was sure that Meredith would get scanned by the end of the episode, but that was a red herring. Instead, it just gets used to diagnose a patient.

April Is Frustrated About Not Getting It On: Now that April  (Sarah Drew) has found the sexy virgin of her dreams, she’s frustrated that he, like her, wants to wait until marriage.Despite all her guilt about sex, now that she’s had it, she wants it. The odds of Matthew the virgin being as skilled as Jackson are slim, but that doesn’t occur to her. After discussing the issue with Meredith, who suggests God wants her to deflower Matthew, she realizes, after seeing the new body scanner in action, that good things are worth the wait. Really. April needs therapy.

Cristina Learns to Use and Abuse Her Power: Bailey (Chandra Wilson)has what seems like a great idea for a human geonome mapping project. But she has trouble interesting any of the new board members in it. Cristina only cares about cardiology. So she;s thrilled whenher theoretical boss Russell wants her to assist on a surgery involving  his new heart valve technique.It turns out he is just trolling for research funding. Cristina laments that she hates becoming an administrator. Then sherealizes she can use her power to get what she wants. She cuts the heart valve funding, gives the money to Bailey, then tells Russell he doesn’t need the additional funding for his clinical trial because she will be partnering on it with him. It’s completely unprofessional, but, well played, Cristina.

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