‘Revenge’: We Finally Learn Who Dies When the Boat Sinks

"Revenge": Margarita Levieva (ABC/RON TOM)

This week’s episode of “Revenge,” “Sacrifice,” reveals whose body we saw at the bottom of the ocean in the season premiere’s flash forward. It’s anti-climactic, but somebody far more important also kicks the bucket. Best of all, the episode manages to push the refocus button — the little known second cousin of the reset button — setting the stage for a far more cohesive and satisfying second half of the season.

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RIP, Amanda the Boat & Two Human Beings: Jack (Nick Wechsler)  and Amily (Margarita LeVeiva)  are enjoying their maritime honeymoon, which is a euphenism for having lots of sex, until Nate Ryan pops out from his hiding place with a gun. Amily points out that, given how easy it will be to dispose of their bodies, “He’s going to kill us unless we kill him first.” Jack grows some brain cells and convinces Nate to let him sail closer to the shore so Nate can make phone calls. Nolan and Emanda have figured out what is going on and trace Nate’s cell phone signal. They decide to go after them on their own boat. Via phone, Conrad (Henry Czerny)  tells Nate that Amily has a laptop with incriminating info about Conrad. He tells her to hand it over. She tells Nate it’s in her backpack. Then she pulls out her gun, which has no bullets because Nate took them out. She claims she only got involved with Jack to get evidence on the Graysons. Her computer is in Montauk. Fortunately, Declan left his laptop on the boat. Apparently he wasn’t planning to do any schoolwork while Jack was out of town. Nolan (Gabriel Mann)  hacks into Declan’s webcam so he and Emanda (Emily VanCamp) can observe the boat. Jack plays along with Emanda. He comes up to the deck and asks if Amily was using him. He claims she brought a laptop on board and it’s downstairs. While they fake fight, Jack whispers to Amily that the laptop is under the mattress. When Amily leads Nate to it, Nate immediately sees a screesaver of Declan and Charlotte. Oops. I’m surprised Nolan couldn’t replace that remotely. Amily locks Nate in the galley. He shoots his way out. A bullet hits Jack as they escape onto he boat’s motorized emergency raft. Amily, fearing for his safety lets him go and stays on the boat to fight Nate for reasons that don’t make much sense. Just turn on the motor and hightail it out of there. Nate doesn’t have a machine gun. Nate manages to knock her out, then realizes a bleeding Jack is floating out to sea. Amily wakes up and puts cans of soup in a pillow case as a juvie-style weapon. She creates a leak in the boat. She hits Nate when he comes down to check on it. Emanda and Nolan, accompanied by some bad CGI,  reach Jack on the raft. Emanda tells Nolan to get Jack to the hospital. Then she takes the raft to Amanda the Boat. Emanda and Amily team up to fight Nate. He doesn’t have a chance. Watch all the action in this week’s clip.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Revenge/7878683525689254112/18637891702/Emily-Saves-Amanda-from-Nate/embed 580 476]

In the battle, the boat's propane tanks gets shot. Then Amily shoots Nate. Emanda and Amily make it into the raft. But Amily idiotically goes back for her necklace. Girl, you can buy another one! Nate, still clinging to life, decides to go out with a bang. He uses his cigarette lighter to set the propane on fire. The boat blows up. Emanda manages to pull an injured Amily out of the water onto the raft. Nate is chum. Amily asks Emanda to take care of Jack and her baby, then dies. It's sad, but her character had truly outlived her usefulness. Plus, since she took credit for everything Emanda did, our heroine is back below the radar. Emanda has a thirst for revenge against the Graysons again! Bring on the red Sharpie!

The Family the Covers Up a Murder Together Stays Together: Conrad, Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and Daniel (Josh Bowman) must figure out how to dispose of Helen’s body. Fortunately, they don’t mind parting with an expensive rug. Victoria takes it out of the house via Town Car while wearing a scarf and sunglasses. The next morning, everything is business as usual as they plan the Labor Day party. Daniel is on his high horse about his parents working with terrorists who killed hundreds of people. For once, his bad attitude is justified. Conrad plans to frame Amily for the murder. Good idea. Daniel thinks Amily’s vendetta is justified. Victoria is like, “Whatever. Send her to the Initiative to be slaughtered. We’ll use the surveillance camera in your office to our advantage.” Daniel and Victoria have a staged conversation about Victoria giving information to Helen in which Daniel accuses Victoria of lying about their being a conspiracy, because all Helen has done is increase his profits.

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[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Revenge/7878683525689254112/18639939729/Sacrifice/embed 580 476]

Victoria uses the pretense of inviting Declan (Connor Paolo) and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen)  to her Labor Day party to stash Helen’s cell phone in Amily’s room at the Stowaway. Boy, Amily’s death is going to work out well for her.

It’s Not Quite the Scene in “Se7en” With Gwyneth Paltrow’s Head, But It’s Pretty Close: At the Labor Day party, Conrad announces his candidacy for governor. I’m trying to think of someone less likely to be elected right now than the embodiment of Wall Street corruption. A creepy guy named Trask asks Conrad and Victoria what happened to Helen. They tip him off about Amily’s alleged vendetta. Trask finds Helen’s cell phone at the Stowaway. He tells Padma, who is working with Aiden to attempt to save her father, that her orders still stand. She needs to send him the Carrion Program. Trask tells her the proof his father is still alive is in the box she received – check the fingerprint. This is network TV so we don’t see his cut off hand, but that is gross and disturbing.

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