Love is in the Air: Our 10 Favorite Valentine’s Day Episodes

"The Office's" classic Valentine's Day episode "PDA" (NBC)

It's Valentine's day. Maybe you're anticipating a romantic night with your significant other. Maybe you plan to spend the day ranting about how it's a made up holiday designed to sell chocolates and flowers. Or maybe you think the day exists to make single people feel bad about their status. However you feel about the day, there is a Valentine episode that will fit your mood. We opened up the archives to bring you ten of the best. From funny, to romantic, to cynical, these episodes will alternately get you in the mood for loving, or make you realize that your day could be much worse. Snack on a box of candy hearts while you watch our cupid-approved marathon.

“30 ROCK”: “Anna Howard Shaw Day”
After several diastrous Valentine’s Days, Liz Lemon  becomes a hero to single people everywhere when she decides to avoid Valentine’s Day altogether by scheduling oral surgery. In fact, she declares she is observing Anna Howard Shaw day in honor of the birthday of a fictional suffragette. She can’t avoid the holiday altogether. Thanks to the anesthesia she has a hallucination involving all of her ex-boyfriends –Drew, Floyd and Dennis. If Jon Hamm weren’t enough star power, Jon Bon Jovi also shows up as NBC’s Artist in residence. Plus, Jack’s plan to go on Valentine’s Day dates with three different women hits a snag when he finds himself falling for the host of a CNBC show played by Elizabeth Banks. Not only is it hilarious, it’s full of hotties who make great imaginary valentine dates. Watch every episode of “30 Rock” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.


“BROTHERS & SISTERS”: “The One that Got Away”
Saul persuades his boyfriend Richard Chamberlain to go out on a date with the dad from “Family Ties.” That’s reason enough to recommend this episode from the show’s final season. But there’s also Nora going on an anti-Valentine’s Day rant on her radio show, the revelation that Sarah might not be a Walker (Spoiler alert: false alarm) and Sarah attempting to cook for Luc. This is probably the only Valentine’s Day episode in TV history that gives any consideration to what gay senior citizens do on the holiday. Watch every episode of “Brothers & Sisters” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

“BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER”: “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”
When Cordelia dumps Xander on Valentine’s Day, he attempts to win her back by getting a witch to cast a love spell. It goes wrong, resulting in every girl but Cordelia falling in love with him. That hilarity is just one of the reasons to watch this episode that features a happy Willow and Oz, Angel in Angelus mode, and Giles and Miss Callendar flirtation. You will heart the 1990s with this episode. Watch every episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

“CASTLE”: “Reality Star Struck”
This week’s episode of Castle is destined to become a classic. Castle accidentally gives Beckett’s’ Valentine’s gift to Captain Gates. He struggles to get it back while he and Beckett investigate the murder of a reality star, leading to some great satire of the “Real Housewives” franchise. Beckett gives Castle the best gift of all: a drawer in her dresser. Catch up on full episodes of “Castle” on or with XFINITY ON DEMAND.

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“DAWSON’S CREEK”: “The Valentine’s Day Massacre”
This season three episode of “Dawson’s Creek” is notable for the Before They Were Stars factor of Michelle Williams‘ Jen and Michael Pitt’s Henry going out on a date. There’s an anti-Valentine’s Day party, since the teens of Capeside were already cynical about the holiday. Pacey’s got a crush on an oblivious Joey, who is years away from marrying and divorcing Tom Cruise. Dawson and Pacey get drunk and end up in jail. Oh, true love. Watch every episode of “Dawson’s Creek” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

“DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”: “Love is In the Air”
The glorious first season of DH featured the show’s best Valentine’s Day episode. We meet Mrs. McCluskey for the first time when Lynette’s kids steal her plant and use it as her Valentine’s Day gift. Rex and Bree experiment with bondage. Susan and Mike’s romantic date goes wrong when the stitches from his gunshot wound open and she decides to rant about her fear of having more children. It’s funny. It’s sexy. It will remind you why the show was such a sensation when it debuted. Watch every episode of “Desperate Housewives” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

“GREY’S ANATOMY”: “Valentine’s Day Massacre”
For a show that is all about the ‘ships, Grey’s has some of the least romantic characters on television. The women will do anything to avoid weddings, dressing up, or traditional dates. Surgery is the true loves of everyone’s lives. So it’s par for the course that Cristina and Meredith are thrilled when they have to cancel their planned Valentine’s double date with their husband to treat a bunch of people who were injured when a restaurant collapsed. Of course, most of the victims romantic lives parallel those of the surgeons. But there is some actual romance when Bailey agrees to go out to dinner with her future husband Ben. Watch every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.


“MARRIED WITH CHILDREN”: “Peggy Loves Al Yeah Yeah Yeah
In this episode, from season two of the longrunning sit-com, Peggy convinces Marcy to jump out of a cake as a Valentine’s Day surprise for Steve, Bud wonders if a valentine she received is a prank,  while Al prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice and have sex with Peggy.  However, what she really wants is to hear him say, “I love you.” It’s the opposite of romantic. This episode is guaranteed to make single people feel great about not being married. Watch every episode of “Married with Children” on XFINITY STREAMPIX.

“PARTY OF FIVE”: “Valentine’s Day”
If you’re in the mood from some ’90s romantic angst, this episode will do the trick. It’s from season two, back before Baily became an alcoholic and Julia became the most annoying human being on the planet. But there’s still plenty of misery. A jealous Bailey punches a friend of Sarah’s then tries to make it up to her with romance. Griffin drops out of school and tells Julia he is in love with her, this promps Justin to propse. Now, that’s romantic. Well, except for the part where Julia tells him she thinks she’s pregnant. Happy Valentine’s day! Watch every episode of “Party of Five” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

Michael and Holly’s PDAs drive the rest of the office insane, in this very funny Valentine’s Day episode. Anyone who has ever dealt with dating coworkers should be able to relate. Nobody wants to see liplocks while they’re trying to crank out a spreadsheet. Though nearly every one on the show has hooked up on Dundler-Mifflin grounds at some point, nobody liked Michael’s sensible idea that one closet become the designated hook-up spot. There is also some genuine romance as Michael and Holly decide to move in together. Watch every episode of “The Office” with XFINITY STREAMPIX.

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