Larry King Reacts to Couric Date Story: ‘Lunge’ Was Actually a ‘Hug’

He said, she said: Larry King begs to differ with Katie Couric's memory of the date they once had. (Photos: Getty Images)

Larry King is commenting now on the date-from-hell story Katie Couric told last week on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The point of contention for King: Couric’s recollection that King “lunged” at her with amorous intentions. In a Tweet, King zeroed in on the “lunge” accusation with his own characterization of his actions. “You might call it a ‘lunge’,” he wrote, addressing @katiecouric. “But I remember it as a hug.”

The Tweet then addressed Kimmel (@jimmykimmel): "I deserve = [equal] time!" King demanded.

We are certainly in favor of that — for no better reason than to keep this great story alive for another few days.

Here’s the background on this date story: Couric was a guest on the “Kimmel” show last Thursday, and she told this story about how King asked her out on a date many years ago, when Couric was 30.

That would place this incident in about 1987, we figure — which was when Couric was a young journalist working as a TV reporter for the local NBC-owned station in Washington, WRC-TV.

With that time frame in mind, King was probably 53 (he's 79 now) - 23 years older than she - and already a major star on CNN and on the radio. Based in Washington, he was one of the town's biggest media celebrities.

At the time, he was apparently single. King, who has been married eight times (to seven women), was between wives five and six, according to our interpretation of King’s marriage chronology in his Wikipedia bio.

Watch Katie Couric tell this incredible tale here:
[iframe 580 476]

Kimmel is the one who raised the subject of this Couric-King date Thursday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He told Couric that King himself told him about it when King appeared on “JKL” some time ago.

And Couric, who had already told Kimmel about a date she almost had with Michael Jackson, seemed happy to tell the story, even the part about how King apparently tried to seduce her after he drove her to his apartment in northern Virginia following dinner in an Italian restaurant on Washington’s K Street. She told Kimmel she expected to be taken home to her own apartment, but for some reason could not get King to change directions as King — at the wheel of a Lincoln Town Car — headed in the opposite direction.

Once they were at King’s apartment, King must have felt that a Couric conquest was within his grasp because that’s when, she alleges, he made his move — the now-infamous “lunge.”

Larry’s characterization of the “lunge” as a “hug” should come as no surprise to Couric, who told Kimmel right at the outset of her story last Thursday that she is aware King’s recollection of their date is much different than hers.

For more details about this date, we urge you to watch the clip above. It was a very entertaining story, but we're kind of surprised Katie told it in such detail for the simple reason that celebrities don't usually tell such candid tales about other celebrities on TV. However, with this cat out of the bag now, we can only hope King turns up on "Kimmel" this week to give us his version of the story.

The bottom line for Couric, concerning this date: “The whole situation was like [something] out of a bad Lifetime movie!” she told Kimmel.

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