New On DVD/Blu-ray This Week: Dredd, Frankenweenie, Anger Management, Dallas

'Dredd' (Lionsgate Home Entertainment)


Adapted by Alex Garland from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s legendary comic book and filmed in stunning 3-D, ‘Dredd‘ is now available on 3-D Blu-ray Disc (includes 3-D and standard version of the film plus Digital Copy and UV), DVD (includes Digital Copy and UV), Digital Download, On Demand and Pay-Per-View. Mixing pulse-pounding action with mesmerizing visual effects sequences, the post-apocalyptic thriller hailed by audiences and critics alike stars Karl Urban (Star Trek), Olivia Thirlby (Juno) and Lena Headey (HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’). The hugely anticipated sci-fi thriller directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point) takes place in a futuristic America. The Blu-ray Disc and DVD both contain multiple behind-the-scenes featurettes including a look back at the 35 years of Judge Dredd. The future America is an irradiated wasteland. On its east coast, running from Boston to Washington D.C., lies Mega City One – a vast, violent metropolis where criminals rule the chaotic streets.  The only force of order lies with the urban cops called “Judges” who possess the combined powers of judge, jury and instant executioner.  Known and feared throughout the city, Dredd (Urban) is the ultimate Judge, challenged with ridding the city of its latest scourge, a dangerous drug called “Slo-Mo,” and the sadistic crime boss Ma-Ma (Headey) who is using it to take over the city. Buy the 3D Blu-ray combo pack right here.


A must-add to any Tim Burton collection, the hilarious 3D stop-motion animated masterpiece ‘Frankenweenie‘ is filled with quirky characters and unexpected twists. Boasting an electrifying variety of bonus materials, the 4-Disc Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) includes an all-new original short “Captain Sparky vs The Flying Saucers”; an exciting behind-the-scenes featurette with Tim Burton “Miniatures in Motion: Bringing ‘Frankenweenie’ to Life”; a showcase of the film’s touring exhibit, “‘Frankenweenie’ Touring Exhibit”; Tim Burton’s original live-action short of the same name, and more. The Blu-ray Combo Pack’s spectacular picture and sound enhances the tale of a boy who uses the power of science to bring his beloved dog back to life … and a whole town faces the unexpected and electrifying truth of what happens when monstrous experiments run wild. ‘Frankenweenie’ features an all-star cast including the voices of Emmy Award-winner Catherine O’Hara, Tony Award-winner Martin Short, Academy Award-winner Martin Landau, Charlie Tahan, Atticus Shaffer, Robert Capron, Conchata Ferrell andGolden Globe-winner Winona Ryder. From Disney and creative genius Tim Burton (“Alice in Wonderland,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas”) comes the hilarious and offbeat ‘Frankenweenie,’ a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky, young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation, but when Sparky gets out, Victor’s fellow students, teachers and the entire town learn that getting a new ‘leash on life’ can be monstrous. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Anger Management

Anger Management: Season One,’ the hit comedy series that’s ‘winning’ over audiences everywhere, is now available for the first time on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Digital Download.  ‘Anger Management: Season One,’ whose debut episode was the most watched primetime scripted comedy series premiere in cable history, features Charlie Sheen (TV’s ‘Two And A Half Men,’ Wall Street, Major League) as “Charlie” in his most unlikely role to date, a therapist specializing in anger management. Sheen is joined by a hilarious cast, which includes Selma Blair (The Sweetest Thing, Cruel Intentions) as his therapist/friend with benefits, Shawnee Smith (Sawhis ex-wife and their 13-year-old daughter, Daniela Bobadilla (Lies In Plain Sight’). The ‘Anger Management: Season One’ Blu-ray Disc and DVD includes all 10 episodes and is loaded with exclusive bonus features that go behind-the-scenes to meet Charlie Sheen and the cast on the stages where they work. Starring award-winning actor, Charlie Sheen, the show follows a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management. He has a successful private practice, holding sessions with his group of primary patient regulars each week, as well as performing pro bono counseling for an inmate group at a state prison. Charlie thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray right here.


One of the longest running series in television history has struck it rich again with ‘Dallas,’ the new series inspired by the landmark drama. Catch up with all the scandal, lies and betrayal with the release of Dallas: The Complete First Season’ on DVD, coinciding with the start of its second season on TNT. This three-disc DVD collector’s set features all 10 episodes from the first season and over 2 hours of bonus features, including 6 featurettes, a pilot commentary and deleted scenes. The drama of the Ewing family dynasty continues with a whole new generation, as J.R.’s (Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen’s (Linda Gray) son, John Ross (Josh Henderson), locks horns with Bobby’s (Patrick Duffy) adopted son, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), proving that in Texas, oil is still thicker than blood. At stake is the coveted Southfork family estate sitting on a billion barrels of oil. With J.R.’s cunning guidance, John Ross is determined to drill on it, while Christopher, backed by Bobby, searches for alternative energy and a way to protect this family legacy from being stolen out from under them.  It’s a battle without limits, whether it means stealing another man’s money, loyalty, girlfriend or wife … leaving just one question: Whose side are you on? The first season of ‘Dallas’ stars Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives), Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives), Jordana Brewster (The Fast and Furious films), Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars), Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), Callard Harris (Sons of Anarchy), with Patrick Duffy (‘Dallas'[original series]) and Linda Gray (‘Dallas’ [original series]) and Larry Hagman (‘Dallas’ [original series]) as J.R. Ewing. Executive produced by Cynthia Cidre (The Mambo Kings, Cane) and Michael M. Robin (Rizzoli & Isles, The Closer, Nip/Tuck), the series was created by David Jacobs and is produced by Warner Horizon Television. In its first season, ‘Dallas’ averaged 4.5 million viewers each week. The series premiere was 2012’s second most-watched scripted series premiere on basic cable. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.


Archer Sterling and the ISIS team return for a third season of espionage on the hit FX series ‘Archer.’ Although their work of espionage, reconnaissance missions, wiretapping and undercover surveillance is daunting and dangerous, every covert operation and global crisis is actually just another excuse for the ISIS staff to undermine, sabotage and betray each other for personal gain. Special features include commentary on “El Contador,” “Drift Problem,” “Lo Scandalo,” a “Heart of Archness” extended version and much more. Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.

The Hour 2

The acclaimed BBC America mini-series ‘The Hour‘ has earned its second straight Golden Globe nomination for Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture for Television. Written and created by  Emmy-nominee Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady, Shame, Sex Traffic), ‘The Hour 2’ sees the return of the highly competitive, sharp-witted and passionate news trio of Bel (Romola Garai, Emma), Hector (Dominic West, The Wire) and Freddie (Ben Whishaw, Skyfall). It’s been a year since The Hour was unceremoniously taken off air for the program’s controversial interview with Lord Elms, and much has changed. Freddie was fired and left to go travelling. Bel fought to stay and has tried to improve ratings, while keeping Hector in line as he’s fawned over and sucked deeper into the destructive world of celebrity. With Bel now reporting to the eccentric new Head of News, Randall Brown (Peter Capaldi, The Thick of It) and Freddie newly returned from the United States to become co-anchor of The Hour to Hector’s dismay, it seems things may be getting back on track… until Hector becomes involved in a scandal that could destroy his marriage and his career. While helping Hector clear his name, Bel and Freddie uncover a growing vice racket in the heart of London, shrouded by backroom deals and military corruption. Welcome to the end of the fifties… Bonus feature include: A “Behind-the-scene” featurette. Buy the Blu-ray right here.


40-year-old Amy Jellicoe has a dramatic transformation inspiring her to adopt a new attitude of inner peace and healing. Unfortunately, her new enlightened outlook is unwelcome and even threatening to her co-workers and loved ones. A unique blend of comedy and drama, ‘Enlightened‘ stars Academy Award and Emmy nominee Laura Dern, who won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy for her performance. Dern also executive produces the series along with Mike White, who co-stars, writes and directs. The DVD and BD copies both include “Inside the Episodes” summaries and four audio commentaries with cast and crew including Dern, White and Diane Ladd. Amy, an ambitious executive at a global conglomerate, has been her own worst enemy for most of her adult life. Her self-destructive choices, both at home and at work, have resulted in a very public, humiliating nervous breakdown. After an extended stay at a treatment center in Hawaii, Amy returns to her fractured life, determined to lead a more enlightened existence. However, her newfound noble intentions only ratchet up the drama, wreaking unexpected havoc on those around her. Enlightened features an all-star ensemble cast including Luke Wilson as Amy’s drug-addicted ex-husband Levi and Academy Award nominee Diane Ladd as Amy’s disapproving mother Helen, Sarah Burns as Krista, the former assistant who has taken Amy’s old job, Timm Sharp as Amy’s sleazy boss Dougie, Amy Hill as Judy, the no-nonsense human resources rep who won’t give Amy a break, and White as Amy’s seemingly meek co-worker Tyler. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

An Idiot Abroad 2: The Bucket List

In the hilarious second season of ‘An Idiot Abroad,’ Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, co-creators of The Office and Extras, help their friend and reluctant traveler Karl Pilkington (The Ricky Gervais Show) complete tasks from his bucket list…except the experience is never as easy or as fun as it seems. Tasks as seemingly simple as swimming with dolphins, visiting Mount Fuji or driving Route 66 lead to encounters with a Prince Phillip-worshipping tribe, Sumo wrestling, and a Russian steam room rubdown- all courtesy of  the meddling Gervais and Merchant. In the end, Pilkington ends up visiting more places and suffering more detours than he did in the first season, culminating in the one experience Karl has been fighting against the entire journey. Find out what happens when an idiot goes abroad…again. Buy the DVD right here.


Episodes – The Complete First and Second Seasons‘ follows husband and wife writing team Sean and Beverly can’t wait to bring their successful British television series across the pond to make it big in America. But in true Hollywood fashion, it quickly becomes a laughable, clichéd sitcom – starring none other than Matt LeBlanc. Matt not only messes with their beloved show, he rocks the foundation of their relationship. So now, even if they survive the absurdity of show business, will their marriage survive Matt LeBlanc? Buy the Complete First and Second Seasons DVD right here.

Driving Miss Daisy

Alfred Uhry adapted his play for this Oscar-winning film ‘Driving Miss Daisy‘ about the friendship between an elderly widow (Jessica Tandy) and her chauffeur (Morgan Freeman). The film won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Dan Akroyd, Patti LuPone and Esther Rolle also star. Buy the Blu-ray book right here.

Dance Moms

Season 2, Volume 1

Set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by the famously outspoken Miller, ‘Dance Moms‘ follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom and their mothers who are there for every rehearsal.  Presenting a powerful cast of characters, the show immerses itself in dance competition season, delivering a captivating and dramatic look at the cast’s intense pursuit of National Dance titles.   Volume 1 includes the first 12 episodes of the second season culminating with the 1.5 hour “Abbygeddon” episode in which the girls travel to New York to audition at the Joffrey Ballet School and  Abby Lee Miller breaks down crying when her favorite dancer, Maddy forgets her routine. Buy the Season 2, Volume 1 DVD.

Season 2, Volume 2

Once again set in Pittsburgh’s renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by the famously outspoken Miller, Dance Moms follows children’s early steps on the road to stardom and their mothers who are there for every rehearsal.  Presenting a powerful cast of characters, the show immerses itself in dance competition season, delivering a captivating and dramatic look at the cast’s intense pursuit of National Dance titles.   Volume 2 includes the final 13 episodes of Season Two culminating with the girls’ competition at Nationals. Buy the Season 2, Volume 2 DVD.

Game Change

Featuring an all-star cast lead by Academy Award nominees Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Ed Harris, ‘Game Change‘ revisits a defining moment in U.S. politics with a searing, behind-the scenes look at John McCain’s beleaguered 2008 presidential campaign – from the decision to select Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running mate to the ticket’s ultimate defeat in the general elections. The Blu-ray with HBO Select and DVD copies include bonus materials that explore the reality of “creating a candidate” and the phenomenon of the book on which the film is based.Game Change’ was nominated for 12 Emmy awards winning five for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie (Moore), Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special (Jay Roach), Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special (Danny Strong), and Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special. Based on the best-selling book of the same name, the film examines the chain of events that determines the leadership of the country, ultimately offering a unique glimpse into the inner workings of how we choose our leaders. It pulls back the curtain on the intense human drama surrounding the McCain team, the critical decisions made behind closed doors and how the choice was made to bring Palin on the ticket. Buy the Blu-ray with HBO select right here.

Sleep Tight

None of the residents of a sleek apartment building would ever suspect that the quiet man who opens the door for them every day has a deep, dark and deadly secret. And now the secret’s out as ‘Sleep Tight‘ is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Written by Alberto Marini (Films to Keep You Awake), ‘Sleep Tight’ is the latest film from the director of the Calista Flockhart horror movie Fragile and the modern thriller classics [Rec] and [Rec] 2. Toiling silently among the residents of an everyday Barcelona apartment building, doorman Cesar (Luis Tosar, Even the Rain, Miami Vice) harbors a dark secret: his sole desire in life is to make others unhappy. When he sets his sights on Clara (Marta Etura, Cell 211, Dark Blue Almost Black), one of his building’s cheeriest residents, his sick need blossoms into a full-fledged obsession. Embarking on a series of private and physical violations against Clara, Cesar becomes determined to ruin her life by any means necessary. Becoming the boogeyman hiding under the bed and bringing her nightmares to life, his fascination with torment soon crosses the line into lunacy – and his thirst for others’ sadness soon becomes manically unquenchable. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Now Is Good

Dakota Fanning (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) star in the heartwarming romance ‘Now Is Good, now available on DVD.  A charming and moving story of a young woman (Fanning) who, after being told she has only a few months to live, decides to fill her remaining days with unexpected adventure, laughter and romance. ‘Now Is Good’ is written and directed by Ol Parker (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel), and co-stars Kaya Scodelario (‘Skins’), Olivia Williams (An Education) and Paddy Considine (The Bourne Ultimatum). Bonus features include deleted scenes as well an in-depth featurette “Making Moments: Creating Now Is Good,” a look behind-the-scenes at the creation of the film with filmmakers and cast. Given just a few months to live, Tessa compiles a list of “things to do before I die.” Released from the constraints of normal conventions, Tessa seeks out new experiences to make her feel as alive as possible before she dies. Along the way, Tessa’s relationships with her parents and friends must all be resolved before her time runs out. Buy the DVD right here.

The Wise Kids

Director Stephen Cone’s (In Memoriam) thoughtful and evocative Southern coming-of-age drama ‘The Wise Kids’ is now on DVD. The film stars Tyler Ross (Nate & Margaret), Molly Kunz (Something Better Somewhere Else) and Allison Torem (Scrooge & Marley) as three teenage friends contemplating their next stage of life following graduation. A critical and popular success on the festival circuit, The Wise Kids has won numerous awards, including the Grand Jury Awards for “Outstanding U.S. Narrative Feature” and “Outstanding U.S. Screenwriting” at 2011 Outfest, the Audience Award for “Best Narrative Feature” at NewFest, and the Jury Awards for “Best Narrative Feature” and “Best Ensemble” at Atlanta’s Out on Film.  Bonus features will include a behind the scenes featurette. The Wise Kids takes place in the transitional space between high school and college, when life seems to be all questions and no answers, and the future is scarily wide open. Set in and around a Charleston, SC Baptist church, weaving through this ensemble piece are three main characters – Brea, an introspective pastor’s daughter experiencing debilitating doubt, the hyperactive Laura, Brea’s best friend and a devout believer, and gay teen Tim who draws strength from the support of his PFLAG Dad as he copes with the twists and turns of late adolescence.  Tensions and buried feelings abound, as colleges are chosen and adults behave badly, and as Brea, Laura and Tim attempt to hang onto what they have, all the while yearning to break free. Buy the DVD right here.


Inspired by true events, ‘Compliance‘ tells the chilling story of just how far one might go to obey a figure of authority. On a particularly busy day at a suburban Ohio fast food joint, high-strung manager Sandra Ann Dowd (Garden State) receives a phone call from a police officer saying that an employee, a pretty young blonde named Becky (Dreama Walker), has stolen money from a customer. Convinced she’s only doing what’s right, Sandra commences the investigation, following step-by-step instructions from the officer at the other end of the line, no matter how invasive they become. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Monsuno: Destiny

Shout! Factory Kids, in collaboration with FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME), the brand extension and licensing arm of FremantleMedia, has released ‘Monsuno: Destiny,’ on DVD, the first DVD collection based on the highly popular animated series on Nicktoons. Delivering five action-filled episodes and captivating entertainment that kids and families are sure to enjoy, the DVD features bonus content including Behind-The-Scenes Videos and Character Bios. The Monsuno series is an epic boys action adventure series where kids discover, command and battle creatures with tremendous destructive potential. When a race to harness the power of Monsuno ensues between a group of everyday kids and the evil forces focused on destroying the Earth, our heroes spring into action to defend the planet. Built around powerful, action-driven animation, dynamic characters and a deeply woven original story mythology, Monsuno provides a completely original entertainment experience. Buy the DVD right here.

The Assassins

Legendary action hero Chow Yun-Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Dragonball: Evolution) tackles his most demanding role yet in Director Linshan Zhao’s action-adventure film ‘The Assassins,’ now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. Also starring Yifei Liu (White Vengeance) and Hiroshi Tamaki (Heavenly Forest), the lavish historical action drama is set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and focuses on Han Dynasty warlord Cao Cao (Chow Yun-Fat) in his latter years, as he explores the areas of military tactics, love, and the relationship between father and son. Bonus materials in a behind-the-scenes featurette. During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao stands as the last pillar of power preventing the collapse of the Han throne. Emperor Xian, who sits on that throne, cares more about music and poems than his own power. But behind the Emperor’s disinterest, rumors that Cao Cao wants the throne for himself have driven Emperor Xian to plot Cao Cao’s assassination, a plan that’s been years in the making. An ancient prophecy states that when the four elemental start to align, a new dynasty will arise, and in 221 A.D., they do. With the weakened government and impending omen, Cao Cao has enemies everywhere, and they all want him dead. Someone has been abducting the children of Cao Cao’s dead enemies and training them to be assassins. In 221, they are grown, and sent to infiltrate Bronze Sparrow Tower. When the four stars align over Bronze Sparrow Tower, the struggle for Cao Cao’s life begins…Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Tiny Toon Adventures: Crazy Crew Rescues!

They’re tiny, they’re toony, they’re all a little loony! Get set for another outrageous, fun-filled semester at Acme Looniversity with the DVD release of ‘Tiny Toon Adventures Crazy Crew Rescues.’ The new generation of Looney Tunes characters await viewers in this exciting new collection that features 17 hilarious episodes of the popular animated series on two discs. From Executive Producer Steven Spielberg, Tiny Toon Adventures is the entertaining, animated series that spawned a whole new generation of madcap Looney Tunes characters including Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton J. Pig, among others. The characters reside in Acme Acres and are enrolled at Acme Looniversity, where they are schooled under the wise (guy) guidance of veteran toon legends such as Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd and others in hopes of graduating with a “Diploma of Lunacy.” Those wacky kids at Acme Looniversity are at it again! There’s never a dull moment at this prestigious learning institution with all the zany antics the Tiny Toon Adventures gang has in store. In Hog-Wild Hamton, Plucky Duck throws a rollicking party when Hamton’s parents go out of town but the bash soon gets out of control. Elmyra’s doll Babette comes to life and Plucky Duck competes with Babs Bunny to get the most photos in the class year book on Toon Physics. In Acme Cable TV, Babs and Buster Bunny turn into couch potatoes after a bout with the Taiwan flu forces them to stay home with nothing to do but watch Acme Cable TV all day. Plucky Duck stars in a hilarious parody of Thor Heyerdahl’s expedition on Kon-Tiki in Kon Ducki. Sepulveda Boulevard features a clever spoof of the classic film Sunset Blvd. starring Elmyra as a washed-up cartoon star hoping to make her comeback.  These and several other entertaining episodes are featured on the set. Buy the DVD right here.

Mrs. Miniver

Winner of six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, the memorable spirit-lifter ‘Mrs. Miniver’ is about an idealized England that tends its prize-winning roses while confronting the terror of war and struck a patriotic chord with American audiences and became 1942’s #1 box-office hit. Greer Garson gives a formidable Oscar-winning performance in the title role, comforting children in a bomb shelter, capturing an enemy parachutist and delivering an inspirational portrait of stiff-upper-lip British resolve. When Hitler did his worst, Mrs. Miniver did her best. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

George Lopez: It’s Not Me, It’s You

George Lopez, one of the country’s most popular stand-up comics, returns to HBO for his third solo special It’s Not Me, It’s You. The high-spirited stand-up event is presented from the famed Nokia Theater L.A. LIVE, which he has previously sold out 24 times (a record for the venue), and features Lopez in performance before a live audience. ‘George Lopez: It’s Not Me, It’s Youis now available on DVD and includes a bonus behind-the-scenes feature “The Road to It’s Not Me, It’s You.” In the all-new special,Lopez discusses the state of Latinos in the United States and covers topics such as dating and marriage, alcohol and drugs, parenting, irritating pets, Latino environmental firsts, getting old, the behavior of children today and the importance of teaching them “the hard way.” He also talks politics and reveals his thoughts on his visit to the White House. A Los Angeles native, Lopez was the first Mexican-American to star in his own self-titled hit sitcom and talk show. He’s hosted the Latin Emmy Awards twice, co-hosted the Emmy Awards, received Grammy nominations for his CDs “Team Leader” and “El Mas Chignon” and wrote the best-selling autobiography “Why You Crying?.” His HBO credits include 2009’s Tall, Dark & Chicano, which was the highest rated stand-up special on the network in five years; America’s Mexican, his first live HBO special; Comic Relief 2006 and the HBO Films presentation Real Women Have Curves. Feature film credits include Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Marmaduke, Rio and The Smurfs. Lopez has also received numerous honors for his talents and charitable endeavors. Most recently, he hosted the provocative broadcast network dating series Take Me Out. Buy the DVD right here.

Best of Widget

Calling all Wubbzy fans: It’s Wubbzy’s pal Widget’s turn to be in the spotlight. The second fun-packed installment of the “Best of” Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! DVD series from Anchor Bay Entertainment is now available on DVD. ‘Best of Widget‘ features six endearing episodes – plus a special bonus show – that showcase the busiest builder and fix-it whiz in all of Wuzzleburg. Pint-sized fans are in store for big adventures as Widget modifies a road racer for the Wuzzleberg Derby in “Widget’s Wild Ride,” tries to become a ballerina in “Gotta Dance,” and invents a solar-powered super robot in “Gidget Super Robot.” Additional episodes featured on the brand-new DVD include “Eggs Over Easy,” “Widget Gets the Blooey Blues,” The Super Fixers,” and “Where’s My Wiggle Wrench?”. There will will be no shortage of nifty gadgets from Widget – and good times for the whole family this new release. Buy the DVD right here.

Lapland Odyssey

'Lapland Odyssey' is a comedy about Janne, a man from Lapland in northern Finland, a man who has made a career out of living on welfare. Inari, his girlfriend, is tired of Janne's incapability of getting a grip on life. Janne wasn't even able to buy a digital TV box that Inari had given money for. Inari gives an
ultimatum: a digital box needs to arrive by dawn or she leaves. Janne sets out into the night with his two friends to find a box. On their way to the city of
Rovaniemi, Janne and his friends face many challenges, obstacles and temptations. They learn that they need to be daring. There´s no room to give into bitterness. The most important thing isn´t success, but rather the journey in itself. Buy the DVD right here.


The world of nature, and mankind’s place in it has never been so beautifully and dramatically presented as it is in ‘Samsara,’ the breathtaking new feature shot on five continents over five years and created by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson, the makers of the critically acclaimed Chronos and Baraka. ‘Samsara’ (a Sanskrit word meaning “continuous flow,” referring to the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth) premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to a successful theatrical release. This one-of-a-kind look at our world, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the depths of Yosemite Valley and 25 countries in between, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. This unparalleled sensory experience was filmed over five years in 25 countries on five continents. ‘Samsara’ explores the wonders of the world from sacred grounds to industrial sites, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Grand Hotel

The Oscar-winning version of Vicki Baum’s novel ‘Grand Hotel‘ is about the personal problems of guests at a Berlin hotel. The glitz and glitter of the opulent Berlin ‘Grand Hotel’ comes alive with its star-studded guests and employees: Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, Joan Crawford, Wallace Beery and Lionel Barrymore. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

The Inbetweeners Movie

It’s the UK’s version of American Pie! Get a taste of the brilliantly hilarious theatrical blockbuster from across the pond that spurred an MTV show of the same name. ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ is now available on DVD. These boys are out of school and out of their league, but nothing will stand in the way of making this the best summer vacation. Based on the hugely popular British sitcom, ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ was a UK box office smash that has also that spurred the new MTV show “The Inbetweeners.” Starring the original cast from the UK television series including Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas, the DVD is packed with laughs and loaded with special features such as deleted scenes, bloopers, audio commentary and cast interviews. After high school graduation, best friends Will, Jay, Neil and Simon jet off on an all-expenses paid,  no-holds-barred, totally mental trip to an exotic Greek isle.  Buoyed by dreams of endless sun-drenched days, booze-fueled evenings and booty-filled nights, the young lads are on the loose in virgin territory but soon discover that they are in way over their heads.  But no matter how hard it gets, the fab four decide to let nothing stand in the way of their fun in this hilarious celebration of summer vacation – without reservations. Buy the DVD right here.

Red Dwarf: X

The most inept band of space travelers ever to roam the interstellar highway return with an all-new season of misadventures. ‘Red Dwarf X’ reunites the much loved original cast of Chris Barrie (Rimmer), Craig Charles (Lister), Danny John-Jules (Cat) and Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) and promises to be a huge hit among the sci-fi sitcom’s cult following of devoted fans. The brand new series, written and directed by Doug Naylor, begins with the Dwarfers mining ship still creaking though the wastelands of unchartered deep space, but the posse soon stumbles upon the mysteriously abandoned SS Trojan. As they inspect the ship Rimmer receives an SOS distress call from an old foe and is suddenly faced with the dilemma of his life.  Bonus features include audio commentary, all-new exclusive documentary, outtakes, deleted scenes and more. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Love Notes

Opposites attract when the unexpected and extraordinary love story ‘Love Notes,’ a Lifetime Original Movie, now available on DVD. Featuring Laura Leighton (‘Melrose Place’) and actor/singer Antonio Cupo (‘Bomb Girls’), the charming film’s uplifting romantic theme makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and date night movie. A classical movie critic (Leighton) gets pregnant after a brief encounter with a sexy country music star (Cupo), and it seems an ideal situation for her best friend, who has struggled with fertility, to finally have a baby. But when her friend’s husband leaves her late in pregnancy, she must track down the country star to get his signature in order to secure a top quality adoption for the child. Their reunion is a clash of cultures, opposite personalities and deep misunderstandings that lead to an extraordinary love story between a dyed-in-the-wool classical music aficionado and a rockin’ salt-of-the-earth country music star. Buy the DVD right here.

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