‘The Good Wife’: You’ll Never Guess Who Owns a Piece of Lockhart-Gardner Now

Alicia (Julianna Margulies) squares off once again with Louis Canning as she tries to depose a CEO, on "The Good Wife" (Photo: Jeff Neira/CBS)

After a fall season that featured a few missteps, like Kalinda’s relationship with her scuzzy ex-husband, “The Good Wife” returned to form with a vengeance on Sunday night, with the superlative episode “Boom De Yah Dah.” Featuring appearances by two of the show’s greatest antagonists, this hour was as enjoyable as having a glass of wine with your best friend. Here are the highlights.

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Lockhart-Gardner Gets Into Bed With Alicia’s Nemesis: Clark (Nathan Lane) schedules ameeting with a mediator in an attempt to get Will (Josh Charles) and Diane (Christine Baranski) ousted because they stopped his attempt to merge Lockhart-Gardner with another firm. Diane and Will inform the mediator that some creditors have bought up their debt, indicating that they consider the firm to be worth investing in. Cary testifies that Clark asked him to help him study for the bar. He felt he had no choice in the matter. Clark points out that Cary refused payment and he offered him no preferential treatment. Clark seems hurt that Cary was not working with him out of the goodness of his heart. The mediator sides with Will and Diane, ruling that Clark was wrong to seek a merger before the bankruptcy deadline.. Diane tells Will that she has found someone to buy out their debt. It’s none other than their opposing counsel for the case of the week – Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox)!

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Alicia Resorts to Blackmail: The case of the week¬† involves a girl who was infected with West Nile Virus from mosquitoes that came from swimming pools in foreclosed houses. While Will and Cary depose the girl in Chicago, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) must travell to Minnesota to depose the bank president, who has been dodging testifying for over a year. She discovers that she will once again be facing Canning. The bank president leaves after three minutes claiming he received an emergency text. Fox shows Alicia evidence that the CDC thinks the West Nile Virus could have come from a koi pond. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) learns koi pond had wrong type of mosquitoes. Fox tells her he is upset about the prospect of giving a eulogy for a dying friend. Alicia reveals she delivered her father’s eulogy.

The bank president repeatedly does not show up for scheduled meetings. Alicia encounters Louis's wife, Simone, a nice woman. She has never heard of Louis's alleged dying friend. Alicia realizes he made it up. Alicia calls him out on it. He claims it was a way of connecting. Without much self-awareness, she wonders how a nice woman like Simone could marry a guy like him. he tells her, "Women like bastards." Alicia, let she who is not married to an adulterer who went to prison cast the first stone.

Alicia takes advantage of her unexpected free time, drinking wine with Alicia. For the record, they are in a hotel room, but on seperate beds. They acknowledge how much they missed their friendship. So did the viewers!

It ultimately turns out that the bank president is in Minnesota because he is undergoing experimental cancer treatment. He has been dodging the deposition because he is attempting to merge his bank with another bank, and it is an SEC violation to withholds a CEO's illness from shareholders. Alicia more or less blackmails him into a 12 million dollar settlement.

Eli Faces Off Against Wendy Scott Carr: Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) is representing the state in the case against Eli, who is accused of accepting “discount donations” on behalf of Peter. A young strategist named Jordan (T.R. Knight) joins Peter’s campaign staff over Eli’s objections in case Eli ends up having to leave the camapaign. He calls Eli an elder. Diane meets with Wendy’s campaign strategist, ostensibly to inform his that the Department of Justice is investigating campaign managers. He calls Wendy, as Diana knew he woul Wendy says she ran a clean campaign and is unconcerned. Wendy gets a warrant allowing her to confiscate Eli’s files and giving her more or less unfettered access to Lockhart-Gardner. Wendy versus Louis is going to be so much fun.

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