Case Closed on Renaming ‘Cougar Town’

"Cougar Town" (TBS)

The case is officially closed on renaming “Cougar Town.”

During a TCA panel for the comedy’s upcoming fourth season in Pasadena on Friday, series creator Bill Lawrence told reporters that he’s grown too affectionate of the title to ever dream of altering it.

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"Why change something that we all appreciate of being part of the show's humor?" Lawrence said. "We wear it as a badge of honor," he added.

Lawrence’s confession comes after several years spent debating whether or not to rename the series since its title no longer reflects the plot about a group of forty-something friends who like to drink red wine.

But that doesn't mean Lawrence still doesn't enjoy making fun of the name at any chance he gets. He regularly uses oddball title cards to poke fun at its oft-mocked name.

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Comparing the cards to Bart’s chalkboard on “The Simpsons,” Lawrence said they’re “part of the game for us now.”

What will be altered when the comedy moves from ABC to TBS Tuesday, Jan. 8 (10/9c) is how much skin Courteney Cox’s character Jules will show.

“Courteney did declare this year the year of her cleavage,” Lawrence noted.

"There will not be one scene this season where you will not see my boobs," Cox joked. "I'm getting older, so I'm taking less focus on the face and more down here," she said, pointing to her chest.

Viewers will get a sampling of her new approach when the show airs an episode revolving around what Cox refers to as a “naked day,” where Jules and her new husband Grayson (Josh Hopkins) try to rekindle the spark in their marriage. “We spend the whole day naked, but there happens to only be one spot in the house where I can stand it when the light comes in on all my angles,” Cox explained. “So I have to stay in that one spot. Otherwise, if I step out, it’s disgusting!”

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“Cougar Town” returns for a fourth season on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 10/9c. on TBS.

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