Burning Questions from the ‘Homeland’ Season 2 Finale

Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin in "Homeland" (Showtime)

Sunday night’s “Homeland” Season 2 finale went out with a bang – both literally – with a gigantic C4 explosion at Walden’s memorial service that ultimately killed more than 200 people – and figuratively – with Brody and Carrie finally cementing their love only to have it torn from beneath them when Brody is forced to go on the lam. Of course, nothing ended neatly, and there are many outstanding questions lingering when Season 3 returns next year. Below, our list of the three biggest, baddest burning questions:

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+ Is Saul the mole? Look, we’re not saying that he necessarily is, but we’re not saying that he necessarily isn’t, either. There are several signs that point to his culpability. 1) The leaking of Brody’s tape, which only he was in possession of.  2) Both prisoners he interrogated in Season 1 (Nazir’s second in command) and Season 2 (Aileen) killed themselves after his visit. 3) He failed both of his polygraph tests. Maybe everyone’s favorite faux uncle will turn out to be the Big Bad after all.

+ Now that Brody has given Mike permission to rekindle his romance with Jess and take care of the kids, will they get married and go away?  There’s no denying that some of the storylines with Brody’s family this season felt, well, forced. Dana alienated the audience with her irritating angst and rage, Chris barely had any lines, and Jess was relegated to the back burner as Brody’s relationship with Carrie deepened. With Brody on the lam and Carrie presumably taking over a larger position at the CIA as Saul hinted, Jess and Mike seem increasingly less critical to the plot – especially, as “Mad Men” has demonstrated, it’s difficult to bring an ex-wife back into the fold in a meaningful way, even if she is more sympathetic than Betty Draper’s pinky finger.

+ Will Peter Quinn Return in a More Expanded Role? Who didn’t love Peter Quinn this season? No one, that’s who. The cold blooded hired assassin-cum-analyst turned out to have a heart of gold when he spared Brody out in the woods and confronted Estes with his righteous convictions. Now that Brody is on the run and prime suspect numero uno in the Walden memorial bombing, Quinn may be the only person outside of Carrie who knows him well enough to help track him down. Plus, let’s face it – he’s easy on the eyes.

More Random Questions:

+ Will the CIA ever find out Carrie was complicit in Walden’s death?

+ Will we ever meet the President? Who will become the new Walden?

+ Will Carrie become the new station chief?

+ Who will be the new Big Bad now that Abu Nazir is dead?

+ What does the return of Saul’s wife mean for how he balances work and his personal life?

+ Are we done with Roya Hammad?

+ Will Dar Adal figure into next season along with Quinn?

+ Are we going to meet Carrie’s mom and who will play her?

+ Will Chris Brody finally get some lines next season?!?!


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