Watch: On ‘SNL,’ Louis C.K. Does Abe Lincoln Doing Louie

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The inspiration was likely the forthcoming movie about Abraham Lincoln — titled “Lincoln” and directed by Steven Spielberg — set for release later this month.

Why else would Louis C.K. and the writers of “Saturday Night Live” have the 16th president on their minds when they prepared for Louie’s guest-hosting stint on this weekend’s “SNL”?

The result, seen Saturday night on NBC, was a sketch everyone is talking about today — Sunday — as Louie played Lincoln, in the persona the comedian has adopted for his FX comedy series “Louie.” The bit, which you can watch, above, came complete with an opening title sequence modeled on the opening titles for “Louie.” You have to watch this.

Certainly, with the long-awaited president election now just days away, “SNL” viewers might have expected a show heavy on political comedy. But, as with everything else this past week, Hurricane Sandy pre-empted presidential politics on “SNL,” beginning with the opening of the show — which spoofed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg giving one of his press briefings, while his very-animated sign-language interpreter put her own unique spin on the mayor’s words.

Watch the “SNL” Bloomberg bit:
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Louie himself referenced the big storm at the outset of his monologue Saturday night — with a statement about the resilience of New York City. But then he launched into a stand-up comedy routine lasting about six minutes that was vintage Louie.

Watch the monologue here:
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In this next Hurricane Sandy sketch, Louie plays a representative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency who turns up to be grilled by the anti-Obama co-hosts of “Fox and Friends.”

Watch this:
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Of course, Seth Meyers’ “Weekend Update” had plenty of jokes about Sandy. Take a look:

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And, as always, we have the entire “SNL” episode right here:
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