‘Switched at Birth’ Cast Reveals the Very Grown Up Shows They Love to Watch

Switched at Birth (ABC Family)

Switched at Birth” is considered the mature, sophisticated ABC Family series. So it’s not a surprise that the cast gravitates toward critically acclaimed cable dramas. Last night they all watched the premiere of the most mentioned show, “Homeland.”  In fact, Gilles Marini volunteered to host a viewing party. If you, too, would like to be as highbrow as the Kennishes and the Vasquezes check out the cast’s guide to quality TV viewing. Any one of these great series will bring everyone together at your next awkward family gathering, Be sure to add tonight’s episode of “Switched at Birth” to the list.

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Katie LeClerc (Daphne): My favorite TV show of all time ever, ever ever is “Freaks and Geeks.” I think it was brilliant and created so many celebrities and people that I admire. I love “Breaking Bad.” I think “Breaking Bad” has the best progression from wussy man to axe murderer I’ve ever see on television.  I am very excited for “Homeland.” There’s something really compelling there and something that just keeps drawing me back in. Watch full episodes of “Homeland” on XfinityTV.com.

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Vanessa Marano (Bay): “The Newsroom.” I think it is the best show on television. It’s very political but I think it also very accurately depicts the way that television and network advertisers work which is pretty corrupt and I also think is very interesting to see. “Homeland” is just fabulous. I think it’s great and wonderful and Claire Danes is amazing and I think that resonates with Americans in general, a lot of that fear inside of us about terrorist attacks. So now that I’ve revealed the two intellectual shows that I watch, I’m going to say the next one is “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” I’m not proud of it, but I [kind of] am. Watch full episodes of “The Newsroom” on XfinityTV.com.

Lucas Gabreel (Cody): “Fringe” because I’m really into superpowers and sci-fi stuff. I think that’s really cool. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure. It’s not like the best show on television but I just really like it’s subject matter. I’ve never been a huge J.J. Abrams follower. I didn’t watch “Lost”, but this one really interests me. I just started watching “Homeland” and that one is really interesting as well. I don’t know if I would say it’s my favorite, but I’m really enjoying it. The third one I guess would be “The Newsroom.” I just watched the first season of that and it was really, really entertaining. It’s not real life. It’s embellished.

Gilles Marini (Angelo): “Band of Brothers” because I can relate to it as a Frenchman. Second show, a show that I share with my son lately, “The Walking Dead.” It’s an incredible show. Third, with one of the same actors as “Band of Brothers”, “Homeland.” I have viewing parties every week at my house.

Constance Marie (Regina): I love “True Blood.” It’s “Romeo & Juliet” with fangs. The men are [hot] just like on “Switched at Birth.” They’re so yummy. I have a crazy obsession with “Dexter.”  Michael C. Hall is brilliant. The storylines are good and the fact that they actually make you have compassion for a killer – genius. “Grey’s Anatomy” because that’s just awesome. McDreamy, McSteamy, I love them all. I wish “George Lopez” was still on the air so I could do two shows. Watch full episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” on XfinityTV.com.

D.W. Moffett (John): I loved “24” because of the experimentation of the format and the risk of doing a show that was so locked into a format and succeeding.  I really respected that. I loved “The Killing.” I was so admiring of the pace that they allowed that show to unfold and the depth that they allowed us to investigate seemingly insignificant characters. and I love “Game of Thrones” just because it’s kick-ass science fiction fantasy storytelling and I love Peter Dinklage. He’s just awesome. Watch full episodes of “Game of Thrones” on XfinityTV.com.

Lea Thompson (Kathryn): The first that comes to mind is “Star Trek.” As a little girl, it was already in reruns, but I was obsessed with “Star Trek.” I was obsessed with William Shatner. I still think he’s the greatest American actor ever, except for Meryl Streep. I’d like to see a movie with Meryl Streep and William Shatner. I really love “Breaking Bad.” I love how crazy it is and how real it feels. I really love “Saturday Night Live.” I’ve been watching it for all these millions of years but I really look forward to it. It’s like a real family event to watch “Saturday Night Live.” Watch full episodes of “SNL” on XfinityTV.com.

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