‘Longmire’ Recap: Suspicion Cast on Sheriff Walt as Season Ends

Charles Dutton (right) guest-starred Sunday on "Longmire," starring Robert Taylor (Photos: A&E)

This summer’s most upright TV lawman might not be so law-abiding.

That was the sneaking suspicion that was left hanging as the first season of A&E’s “Longmire” came to a close Sunday night.

The episode was the 10th of the inaugural season of “Longmire,” which has been renewed for a second go-round, due to its average audience of about 4 million viewers per week.

But we probably won’t see Season Two ’til late next spring, and until then, we’re left to ponder the consequences of what we witnessed as Season One concluded this past weekend.

Most of Sunday’s season finale had to do with a single case: Someone was murdering a group of teen-aged boys one by one. And because the murder weapon in each case was an arrow, suspicion fell primarily on a young Cheyenne. Why? Because his mentally handicapped sister had been raped by this group of boys, and they were all acquitted of the crime.

But as Sheriff Longmire (Robert Taylor) and his deputies worked to solve these killings, a visitor to Wyoming tried repeatedly to schedule a meeting with the sheriff. This was a homicide detective from Denver (guest-star Charles Dutton), and he had some news that the sheriff seemed eager to avoid hearing about.

What happened? Well, you can watch the episode here before reading further:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Longmire/176466/2265633630/Unfinished-Business/embed 580 476]

Or continue reading here, with the obligatory spoiler alert: By the episode’s end, this detective had finally succeeded in gaining a sitdown with Sheriff Walt, in the bar owned by Walt’s friend, Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips).

What did the detective tell Longmire? Well, first of all, earlier in the episode, on the phone, the detective told him his wife was murdered. Walt seemed to already know this, but it was shocking news to us watching at home because the backstory about Walt's wife had always been that she had died of cancer, though few, if any, details were ever divulged about her cancer fight.

It turns out she died in Denver, but not of natural causes. And Walt had even kept this secret from his own, grown daughter. And when she found out, it didn't seem as if she would be forgiving him any time soon.

But wait, there’s more: When Walt and this detective finally met face-to-face, this Denver cop told him something else — the man suspected of killing Walt’s wife was found dead, buried in a shallow grave. And then the detective asked Walt directly if he’d driven down to Denver to track down and kill the man who killed his wife. Walt said no, but you had to wonder if he was telling the truth.

And we won’t find that out for another year. Alas.

Meanwhile, A&E said Monday that Sunday’s “Longmire” finale drew 4.3 million viewers.

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