‘Grimm’ Returns with Bigger Challenges and Badder Creatures

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The first season finale of “Grimm” left viewers with a big cliffhanger as there were multiple life-and-death storylines: Nick (David Giuntali) discovered that his mother (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is not dead; Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) is in the hospital fighting for her life after being poisoned by the witchy Adalind (Claire Coffee); and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) was attacked and almost killed by Kimura (Brian Tee), but was saved just in the nick of time.

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When “Grimm” premieres its second season on Monday night, Executive Producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf promise that while not all will be revealed, viewers will find out why Nick’s mom, who has been off on a long quest, is back.

"We're not going to continue to tease people. But, in the first episode and in the second episode, too, a lot of these questions will be very clearly answered," Greenwalt told XfinityTV.com in a call to promote the show's early premiere date.

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"Season two is going to be about Nick coming into his own, as he's challenged on so many levels. Not only with all the things he learns from his mother, but with complications from Juliette."

“We’ll also reveal some of the deeper history with the Grimms and tie it to some more real events in the past,” adds Executive Producer Jim Kouf.

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Ready to get the inside scoop on Season 2? Read on to find out more of what Greenwalt and Kouf have to say.

Nick’s mom will be staying in Portland for a while: Nick, who was raised by his aunt, was under the impression that both of his parents had died. In the season finale, when Kimura broke into Nick’s house, his mother, who was hot on Kimura’s trail, was right behind and saw her son for the first time in more than a decade. “Nick, is going to have to work out a lot of stuff with his mother. And there’s going to be all kinds of feelings around that,” Greenwalt says.

One of those things is the fact that his mother does not approve of his relationship with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), who is a Wesen - the word for the critters the Grimm can see. "You'll see a clash between Monroe and the mom. And Monroe is like, 'Who is this insane person?' And Nick is like, 'Well, it happens to be my mom.' And so you've got all kinds of conflict going on and the mom does not approve of fraternizing with the Wesen," Greenwalt says.

Nick’s life will be complicated by his approach to being a Grimm: “Nick does business in a different way from most Grimms, in that he’s got a Wesen buddy and he cooperates with him. Nick doesn’t just shoot first and ask questions later. Historically, Grimms are like, ‘If I see a Wesen, I’m cutting their head off.’ And that’s not Nick’s approach. So his life is going to be both richer and more complicated because of who he is,” Greenwalt says.

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Nick will face bigger and badder Wesen: Now that Nick’s fame as a Grimm has spread worldwide, a lot of different creatures will be traveling to Portland to try to take him down. One such Wesen is called Mauvais Dentes, which means bad teeth in French. It is a sabre-tooth tiger-kind of creature. “He’s just a killing machine and to be feared,” Greenwalt says. “He could take out a whole village. Creatures that are extinct in our world are not necessarily extinct in the Wesen world. But this is a very rare creature that requires a lot of support and backing to get him thrust into Nick’s life and he makes Nick’s life a living hell.”

Other creatures to look for in Season 2 include a horse-like creature, except with translucent skin, who is based more on mythology than is usual for “Grimm,” a spitting cobra, a sheep-in-wolf’s clothing, and, of course, more blutbads.

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Monroe is going to have romantic complications: Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee Calvert, has been added as a series regular so Monroe’s going to have to acknowledge his feelings for her, but he is also going to be faced with some life-and-death issues because of his relationship with Nick. “He refuses to give up that relationship,” Greenwalt says. “There are a lot of forces in our world that do not like the idea of cooperating with Wesen. “…and he’s going to have another relationship with another officer,” Kouf adds.

Nick is going to be dealing with issues with Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Juliette: “Hank, as Nick’s partner, would be exposed to stuff that a normal person wouldn’t be exposed to. Eventually, he’s going to start asking questions and thinking he’s a little crazy,” Greenwalt says. Then there is the fact that Nick confessed to Juliette and she thought he was losing his mind and urged him to get help, to speak to someone. “Juliette is going to feel like a secret is being kept from her. And in that last episode of the first year, Nick is having to tell her as the only way to get her to go see a doctor. She has been living in the dark for so long that he sort of has to tell her. Now what will happen with all of that remains to be seen. She thought he was crazy when he was telling her, which had been his fear all along,” Greenwalt adds.

Questions will be answered about the key and the coins: The three rare coins, which have an unsettling effect on whoever possesses them, were the subject of more than one episode last season. And the mystery still remains as to what the antique key opens. “You’ll get the real explanation of what is involved and how deep this history goes,” Greenwalt says. “A lot will be answered about the key in the first couple of episodes. And the coins are still incredibly dangerous and must be dealt with. A lot of people want to get their hands on those coins.”

Captain Renard’s history will be revealed: Renard will be going through some suffering, and, as a result, his family and the relationships between him and them, as well as his network in Europe will be dealt with. “Throughout the whole season, you’re going to be learning more and more about his family,” Greenwalt says. “Why he’s in Portland. Why he’s not in Europe. And lots of castle intrigue, if you will.”

Guest Stars:¬† James Frain (“True Blood“) and Mark Pellegrino (“Lost“) will be coming aboard for recurring arcs. And fan favorite, Bud (Danny Bruno), will also be returning. “He’s special in our hearts. The beaver,” Greenwalt says. “He comes back a lot.”

The Wesen will not necessarily continue to look as human as possible: While this was true in Season 1, not so much in Season 2 with the bigger and badder creatures coming for Nick. “In general, what we want is to see as much humanity in a Wesen as is possible, because we think that makes them actually frightening and more accessible,” Greenwalt says. “But sometimes they’re so hideous or there is a reason that they would look more monstrous and less human. But usually we want to see the human within this monster because we all have these crazy emotions inside us. And we’re playing with what’s in humans.”

"Grimm" premieres its second season on Monday, August 13 at 10/9c on NBC, followed by the second episode of the season on Monday, August 20. The series moves back into its regular timeslot on Friday, September 21 at 9/8c.

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