Sins of Omission: Who Did The Emmys Snub This Year?

Snubbed? You decide: Top: Nick Offerman, Hugh Laurie; bottom: Jessica Pare, Kaley Cuoco (Photos: NBC, Fox, AMC, CBS)

One day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.

Heidi Klum’s famous catchphrase from “Project Runway” could be applied on Emmy nomination day to the many worthy shows and performers who didn’t make the cut.

Well, that’s easy for her to say — “Project Runway” was nominated for three Emmys on Thursday, including a nomination for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.

But what about the shows and actors left out in the cold? Do the omissions qualify as out-and-out snubs?

That's a matter of opinion, of course. For one thing, with so many shows from which to choose, and only a handful of nominations in each category, there simply isn't room for everyone.

Still, we tend to adopt a “What were they thinking?” attitude every year at Emmy nomination time when we scan the list of who’s in and who’s out.

Here's who we think coulda, woulda, shoulda gotten nominated - but didn't. Should we call them snubs? Well, who's stopping us!

1) “House” and Hugh Laurie: Sure, the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category is pretty full-up with worthy souls, but commercial broadcast TV is not even represented in the category. Hugh Laurie, in the final season of “House,” coulda been network TV’s very worthy representative in the category. Just sayin’ …

Watch one of the last episodes of “House”:
[iframe 580 476]

2) A whole bunch of people from “Mad Men”: And here’s where the restrictions-due-to-space come into play on the Emmy noms. Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks and Jared Harris got nominations. And they all had great seasons on the show (especially Harris, whose character committed suicide, and also Hendricks, who was a key figure all season long). But what of John Slattery, Vincent Kartheiser and stunning newcomer Jessica Pare (not to mention January Jones in a fat suit)? They had great seasons too (and Pare was one of the most talked-about personalities on TV this past season). Oh, well …

3) “American Idol”: Here’s another case where there may have been no more room for one more show, but “Idol” was left out of the Best Reality-Competition Show category, in favor of such nominees as “The Voice,” “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Top Chef.” Sure, “Idol” has undergone a lot of changes recently (and is due for even more now that judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are leaving), but isn’t “Idol” more worthy of an Emmy nomination than “Top Chef”? Just askin’ …

4) “Office” space: No room for “The Office”? Seems so — in a case of “how the mighty have fallen,” “The Office” got no Emmy love for Ed Helms, James Spader, Rainn Wilson or anyone else.

Watch an episode of “The Office” from last season here:
[iframe 580 476]

5) “Parks and Recreation”: In particular, Nick Offerman. Why wasn’t he nominated? He was a break-out performer on “Parks and Rec” this past season. Maybe the ratings weren’t high enough for the Emmy voters to recognize this show’s fine cast — other than lead Amy Poehler, of course.

6) Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and the “Big Bang” gang: Happy as we are to see “The Big Bang Theory” nominated in the Best Comedy and Best Comedic Actor categories (Jim Parsons), we happen to think this CBS sitcom is having a big enough impact on the popular culture these days to rate nominations for more of its stars — Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and the rest. How’d the Emmy voters miss them? This show is on all the time!

6) Kelsey Grammer: The big boss of “Boss” wasn’t even nominated, even though his performance on this series as a ruthless Chicago mayor represents a career high point for him — and with a career like the one Kelsey’s had, that’s saying something.

7) Mandy Patinkin of “Homeland”: It just stands to reason that if a series — such as “Homeland” in this case — produces nominations for two of its lead actors (in this case Claire Danes and Damian Lewis), then the third star would likely rate a nomination also. Sounds reasonable, right? Wrong — Mandy Patinkin was left out of the Emmy nominations for “Homeland.”

8) Ted Danson? Really?: Speaking of being left out, we thought Ted Danson also did some of the best work of his career this past season when he stepped into “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” on CBS. But when it came time for an Emmy nod, there was nothing for Ted.

See why we love Ted Danson: Watch an episode of “CSI” here:
[iframe—CSI-Unplugged/embed 580 476]

9) “The Good Wife”: Julianna Margulies got a nomination for Best Actress in a Drama Series for “The Good Wife,” but the show itself got no Best Drama nomination — another case in which a quality drama on broadcast TV didn’t make the cut. Plus, if you’re going to nominate the good wife in “The Good Wife,” doesn’t it stand to reason the show should get nominated too? Sheesh!

10) Un-“Justified”: Another series having an impact on the popular culture is “Justified” on FX. Go ahead — ask just about any man, and he’ll tell you he loves this show. Well, so do we — and we expected an Emmy nomination for Timothy Olyphant, but it didn’t happen. And while we’re on the subject of FX and its great dramas, why on Earth won’t the Emmys ever recognize “Sons of Anarchy”? Everyone does great work on that show — give ’em an award already!

11) “The Killing” and “Glee”: Sure, these are two very different shows, and both garnered boatloads of critical acclaim in their day. But this time around, Fox’s “Glee” and AMC’s “The Killing” are missing from the top Emmy categories. That’s either a snub or, as far as the Emmys are concerned, these shows’ better days are behind them.

12) Jeff Probst of “Survivor” and “Deadliest Catch”: We’re pairing these two here because they both represent aspects of reality television — and neither received nominations this year. We happen to think “Deadliest Catch” is simply one of the most consistently great TV shows currently on the air, period, and deserves recognition, at least for the way it goes about filming this show in the world’s most adverse conditions. As for Jeff Probst, his commitment to the rigors of “Survivor” after all these years is breathtaking. Give this guy a lifetime achievement Emmy! (Do they even have those?)

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