‘True Blood’: A Shocking, Disapppointing Death

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True Blood” creator Alan Ball wrote this week’s episode, “Hopeless.” It was full of juicy twists and turn, as well as hilarious dialogue. Way to hog all the good stuff for yourself, Alan. This week’s shocking death will have a lot of the audience calling foul, while others will be equally upset that a character is still alive. It also turns out that those really were Obama masks in last week’s episode. Does that mean that Obama is supposed to be president in this alternate universe of vampires and fairies? If so, who are the vampires going to vote for in November? Read the rundown of the week’s most shocking moments and see if you can figure out which supernatural characters are Democrats, which are Republicans, and whether citizens of fairyland are United States citizens.

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A Major Character Bites the Dust

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard), Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) manage to subdue Russell (Dennis O’Hare) and deliver him to the Authority. Though several Chancellors want to keep him alive and interrogate him about who freed him from his concrete prison, Roman wants to execute him right away. Nora (Lucy Griffiths) cryptically, crazily tells Eric this is all part of “her” plan, but it’s unclear if she means her goddess Lilith, undercover sanguinista Salome (Valentina Cervi). Before iStaking Russell, Roman solemnly proclaims, “In the name of the father and  the mother.” Russell awesomely interrupts with, “In the name of my ass.” He then makes a great speech proclaiming that Roman is a hypocrite for using Lilith and the vampire bible to justify the Authority’s actions, while the sanguinistas are hypocrites for claiming their desire to kill people has a religious basis. He likes to drink and kill humans for the sheer pleasure of it. So, Russell is apparently not a sanguinista. He’s an anarchist and a hedonist. Roman activates the iStake and nothing happens. In heaven, Steve Jobs yells at his engineering team. Russell breaks free and kills Roman. So, after all of the hype about Chris Meloni joining the cast as this season’s big bad, he was only in five episodes. Boo! We barely got to know Roman. On the hand, Russell is back to wreak havoc. Yay!

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Eric Glamours Alcide Into Forgetting His Feelings for Sookie

After Russell is turned over to the Authority, Bill and Eric agree to glamour Sookie and Alcide (Joe Mangianello) so they will not remember seeing Russell. (Kibwe kills the rest of the humans that were in the cheap horror movie abandoned mental asylum.)  Eric takes the opportunity to convince Alcide that he is no no longer attracted to Sooie. In fact, he finds her disgusting. That is so very Eic, and so very frustrating for us viewers who still have not gotten to see a completed Sookie and Alcide sex scene. Bill just pretended to glamour Sookie, but laid it on thick, saying that she should forget all about him and go live in the sun with humans. However, afterward, when Alcide returned to Bon Temps, Sookie used her fairy powers to give Alcide his memories of their night together, and quickly deduced that Eric was responsible for his sudden lack of interest. So Sookcide, or whatever their official Internet couple name is, is not dead yet.

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Alcide Proclaims Himself the Leader of the Pack

Speaking of the giant werewolf, learning that some wolves were still using V spurred him to accept the role of packmaster. Another werewolf, J.D., does not want to relinquish the leadership role he has assumed since Marcus's death. A sexy female wolf supports Alcide's challenge to J.D.'s leadership. Looks like there will be a struggle for power, mirroring the authority versus sanguinista storyline. It also looks like Alcide will be hooking up with his number one fan.

Sookie is (Sort of) Responsible for the Death of Her Parents

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) tells Sookie that he learned their parents were killed by vampires when he visited fairyland. So she travels there to talk to Claude. He breaks the news that, according to his dead sister Claudine, a vampire targeted the Stackhouses when he or she smelled fairy blood on Sookie’s band-aid, while she was in the backseat of the car. “Vampire Diaries” fans, is it weird how similar, minus the fairy thing, the deaths of Elena and Sookie’s parents are? Poor Sookie feels a lot of inappropriate guilt about the childhood scrape that led to her parents murder. Russell seems like the obvious suspect, so it would be interesting if the culprit turned out to be someone unexpected like Pam. An upset Sookie tries to use her magic-fingers on Claude only to be zapped by a bunch of other fairies. Have they taken away her powers her powers?

Luna Refuses to Stay Dead

Last week it seemed like Luna (Janina Gavankar) the boring shapeshifter had died. This week, she is in the hospital, poised to make a full recovery. It’s not only boring for a show like this to refuse to kill any longterm characters but it lessens the motivation for Sam’s (Sam Trammell) quest for revenge. Nonetheless, he is determined to track down the vigilantes in Obama masks. Is the storyline happening because Alan Ball is upset that Obama has proclaimed his love for “Homeland” but not “True Blood”?  In any case, when Hoyt (Jim Parrack) decides to commit suicide by vampire after Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) rejects him yet again, one of the Obama mask wearers killed the vampire before he could complete the job and pulled Hoyt into his van.  When Sam and Andy (Chris Bauer) visit the vampire ammo shop, the owner is obviously on the phone with the vigilante. Sam, sensing the owner is about to pull a gun on him, shoots him with a crossbow before he gets the chance.

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