New Friendships, Same Grievences Remain on ‘RHOOC’ Reunion Part 1

The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Pt 1 (Bravo)

Tuesday night’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” Reunion revealed that not much had changed from the shenanigans of the season finale: Gretchen and Tamra were still inexplicably BFFs, Vicki and Alexis were still inexplicably BFFs, Tamra and Vicki were still zipped-lipped with each other, Gretch and Alexis were still zipped-lipped with each other, and newbie Heather was continuously finding new ways to make Alexis feel mentally feeble.

Of course, grin-licious Andy Cohen was having a blast as the women voraciously tore each other apart about comments that they made throughout the season about each other’s hypocrisy, pretentiousness, and of course, face alterations.

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In a nutshell, the OC hadn't changed a bit…well, except for the hair. Heather walked onto the set with a more youthful, carefree 'do, orangina Gretch donned the latest in "alien-shaped head" couture, Vicki miraculously achieved a younger look by bunching her hair to the side, and lawdy knows what Tamra was thinking. It was as if she was trying to go for a debutante look but instead achieved big hair senior citizen status.

Watch a Clip From Tuesday’s Reunion:

[iframe 580 476]

Check out the highlights in case you missed Fright Night:

– Tamra and Heather attacked Alexis for allowing herself to be controlled by Jimbo. Of course, Alexis denied she bowed down to her master’s every command.

– Heather taught Alexis a new word: “cerebral.”

– Tamra and Eddie moved in together after their engagement, proving that Housewives of the OC really can survive in a relationship post-breast reduction surgery.

– Vicki accused the ladies of hating the fact that she’s happy with Brooks, the Lord of Disingenuous Affirmations.

- Gretch called Vicki a hypocrite for dogging on Slade about the whole not-paying-child-support ordeal, since Brooks actually went to jail because he wasn't making his own payments to his ex. Vicki sarcastically acknowledged she was a hypocrite just to shut Gretch up.

– In the middle of the segment, a bird attacked Andy’s head…and his facial expressions were like “Whoaaa!” and “Whaaaat?!” Priceless.

- Alexis referred to Tamra as "bitter," "old," and "nasty" for dissing her on their one-on-one meeting right before Costa Rica, (which according to Alexis, is located in Mexico). Then she called out Gretch for lying about her hair extensions and lip injections.

– Heather called out Alexis for being condescending and cruel to the Bravo production crew and to the people at Nordstrom, which proves Alexis is indeed the tallest female ape we’ve ever encountered.

– In a fit of rage, Tamra called Alexis “psychotic Jesus jugs.”

- Alexis told the ladies that Vicki was going to Jim's b-day party and "flying on the private jet." The ladies cackle and mock her "private jet" comment since they've been trying to point out since Costa Rica that she's a big-lipped braggart.

Be sure to catch Brooks’ creepiness and part deux of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” Reunion next Tuesday at 9pm on Bravo.

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