Charlie Sheen Returns to Hard-Partying Ways: Report

Charlie Sheen in a publicity photo for his new FX comedy series, "Anger Management" (Photo: FX)

With the premiere of his long-awaited FX sitcom just weeks away, Charlie Sheen is reportedly back to his hard-partying ways, according to this report on

The difference between Charlie’s hard-partying habits now and the situation that got him fired from “Two and a Half Men” last year, according to the report: Charlie’s not out doing the kinds of TV and radio interviews he did back then — non-stop, consecutive media appearances in which he came across as decidedly unglued (to say the least).

But that could change this month, with the premiere of his FX sitcom “Anger Management” looming on June 28. That means Sheen is likely to start popping up all over the place — on morning shows, late-night shows and radio shows — to promote the premiere.

Meanwhile, the Eonline story cites unnamed sources who say Sheen, 46, and ex-wife Brooke Mueller, 34, have been partying together — specifically a “four-day blowout” held at Charlie’s house around Mother’s Day. And, according to various reports, including the Eonline story, Mueller has entered rehab again.

Our take: We’ve been around so-called “celebrity” journalism long enough to detect when stories such as this one are true or false. This one strikes us as well-reported and likely accurate. Some might quibble at the use of unnamed sources, but even unnamed sources have been known to tell the truth.

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