Watch: Late-Night’s Hot Topic: Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement

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The nation’s late-night comics came out in favor of President Obama’s endorsement Wednesday of same-sex marriages — as fodder for their monologues, that is!

The response was unanimous: All of the late-night funnymen issued comedic comments about the announcement, with jokes that poked fun at everything from interior decorators and Bravo to Kim Kardashian.

“This is the first time an American president has come out in favor of gay marriage,” said Jay Leno at the start of his monologue on Wednesday night’s “Tonight Show” on NBC (in the video, above). “In a related story, Rick Santorum’s head just exploded!”

"You know who is really against the president's new position on gay marriage?" Jay asked. "Gay men afraid of commitment! Now they have no excuse. Now you're just like us. Welcome to equality!"

Over on CBS, David Letterman joined the fray with this quip on “Late Show”: “Earlier today, President Obama announced that he supports same-sex marriage,” Letterman said. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m telling you this is going to be the best Tony Awards show ever!”

Then Letterman added: “Obama also announced a new cabinet position — decorator of the interior!”

Watch what else Dave had to say about same-sex marriage:
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From the Tony Awards and interior decorating, we now go to a joke about Bravo, the cable channel with so many gay-themed reality shows. Jimmy Fallon’s the one who brought Bravo into the mix with this quip on NBC’s “Late Night”: “Obama said he thinks same-sex marriage should be legal,” Fallon said. “Then he said, ‘OK, where’s my show on Bravo!'”

Watch the rest of Fallon’s monologue here:
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Over on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also led off his monologue with the same-sex marriage subject. “I think the timing of this is very interesting,” Kimmel said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “Let’s see — he made the announcement today, tomorrow he happens to have a fundraising dinner at George Clooney’s house. Very interesting . . . I think they’re getting married!”

Kimmel had a number of jokes on the topic — watch him here:
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We especially liked Craig Ferguson’s approach to the topic on his “Late Late Show” on CBS. Among other things, Craig said: “It’s a great day for America, everybody. Yes, indeed. Today, President Obama said he supports gay marriage, which is great news for the gay community. It wasn’t all positive, though. He also said that he thought the show ‘Glee’ may have jumped the shark!”

Watch Craig Ferguson comment on the day’s big story here:
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