‘DWTS’: No Tears for Jaleel White

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson (Photo: ABC)

Urkel made his exit on “Dancing with the Stars” Tuesday night, as former “Family Matters” actor Jaleel White couldn’t survive a dance duel with Roshon Fegan.

After the bottom two danced off in a rumba, DWTS judges decided the young Disney star had out-performed Jaleel.

The star known for playing TV’s favorite nerd was an early “Dancing” standout and surprise eliminee, but backstage after the show, he said with a smile, “No tears over here! Somebody’s got to go; that’s what it is.”

Jaleel told xfinityTV he and partner Kym Johnson had given it their all during the competition with Roshon. “I definitely thought we were doing well in the dance duel. I kind of whispered to her before, ‘This is our encore. Let’s dance this like it’s our last dance.’ I’m proud of my last dance. I can’t wait to see it [back] in the morning, to be quite honest. The judges got to do what they’ve got to do. It’s going to be nothing but good dancers going from here on out.”

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The actor hinted to reporters that viewers might have seen an Urkel-inspired dance if he had lasted on the show. "Who knows? We had a freestyle coming up!"

Earlier in the season, White was embroiled in controversy when Us Weekly magazine claimed he had berated Kym during a rehearsal. But he seemed to rise above the alleged incident and many thought he had a good shot of making it to the finale.

It wasn't to be, so now, Jaleel will be focusing on new projects. "I have a wonderful game show on Syfy [channel] that just premiered to ridiculous numbers last week. Other than that, I have tons of different acting stuff that had kind of been pushed aside on the back burner. I've been guesting everywhere. I'm really happy people are seeing me in a different light and stepping outside my comfort zone seems to be paying off for me so I'm going to keep doing it. I've got some really great film opportunities that have come my way. I've never been picky about a media, especially when you see everything converging to an iPad. It doesn't even really matter anymore. TV, film, whatever-I love characters that speak to me and opportunities and challenges."

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DWTS was “the cherry on top that my mom refused to let me say no to.”

He's looking forward to an easier schedule. "I get a normal wakeup time again. This thing gets you up-you kind of wake up at 6 o'clock and you're like, why am I doing that naturally with no alarm? Because it's on your brain."

Jaleel said the best thing he's taking away from the show is "friendships. Trust me-when I go to Miami, I'm calling Will Levy!"

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Of his partner, he told reporters, "Kym works hard. Every time I'm going home to go to sleep, she's going off to choreograph, looking at something on her iPad, coming up with the next dance. I really respect her work ethic, that's why I really enjoy having my daughter around her. I always want to bring my daughter to work because I want her to see that this is not fame and games. This is work and we put it in."

Meanwhile, Kym is planning to perform in the “Dancing with the Stars” show in Las Vegas and has done choreography for a new video game based on the TV show.

While Jaleel got the boot, Roshon and his partner Chelsie Hightower were moving on to next week, in which there will be a double elimination. “All we have is our feet and hopefully we’re going to dance so hard that they pop off, in a good way,” he said.

The "Shake It Up" star also told reporters dueling with Jaleel had been hard because "I have a really crazy connection to Jaleel. He's like a brother to me. He grew up the same way that I did, in this business and starting out young. We hang out and to have him off the show now is just terrible."

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