‘DWTS’ Results: Does Melissa’s Injury Send Her Home?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Melissa Gilbert on DWTS (ABC)

After Melissa Gilbert’s shocking collapse on Monday night’s “DWTS,” the Week 4 elimination show seemed like it would be anticlimactic. No one really cared who would go home, but everyone wanted to know if Melissa would make it to the show tonight. And if she didn’t get eliminated by the voters, would she be able to continue dancing after tweeting that she’d suffered a mild concussion and whiplash?

The show began with clips showing Melissa leaving in the ambulance. They were really milking this! Then the rock band KISS appeared again to open the show during Rock Week, accompanying our favorite pro dancers. The guys rocked out like they were still in their 20s. Host Tom Bergeron plugged their upcoming tour.

The behind-the-scenes footage started and Gavin DeGraw said he was proud backstage to partner Karina Smirnoff. Melissa and partner Maks were shown grunting and groaning and incredibly, given what happened later, she asked him if HE was okay after the dance. Apparently he’d hurt himself. The actress looked fine going up the stairs but then told everyone backstage that she hit her head and Gavin carried her, as Maks hovered over her, touching her cheek with Gene Simmons of KISS lurking nearby, which looked kind of funny and weird.

Tom announced that Melissa was absent and would be taking a rest day on doctor's advice. The host talked to Maks and he said he had hurt his arm during the dance but quickly changed that topic and declared, "Gavin was a true gentleman." Maks laughed that Melissa was sedated but is looking forward to next week, if they made it through.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2221649424/Sherri-Shepherd/embed 580 476]

So … decision time for two couples - Melissa and Maks were safe! Maks smiled and applauded. Gavin and Karina would be competing next week, too. The players in Tuesday night's drama would be coming back for more! Yay! It would have really sucked for Gavin to go home after he acted like Superman, carrying Melissa to safety on Monday night.

Then Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd performed the encore dance this week and it was just as fun and athletic as the first performance.

Cut to Brooke Burke in the sky box ready to talk and waste some more time. She did pointless interviews with Jaleel White, Gladys Knight, Maria Menounos, and their partners.

Backstage with Maria and Derek showed how connected they were as a couple. Derek carried her up the stairs on his back after their dance because of her foot injury, which didn't hold a candle to Melissa's travails. More backstage footage of the celebrities ensued, totally random and not too interesting this week.

More couples learned their fates — Maria and Derek were coming back. Next, Jaleel and Kym learned they too were safe. Gladys and Tristan MacManus were thrilled (surprised?) that they had also lived to dance another night.

It was less than a half hour into the show, and they aired one of those confessional pieces where the dancers talked about their feelings about elimination night and the season in general. Sorry, but this was a snooze. Time for a cigarette break - too bad I don't smoke!

Oh no, it was back to Brooke Burke in the sky box with Donald saying he was nervous because so many couples had already been deemed safe. Roshon Fegan, with a pink cowlick in his hair, was also one worried guy. Surely these two had nothing to worry about because they were so good Monday night, but you never know. The ghost of Sabrina Bryan danced in my head.

Next, Karina Smirnoff took the floor and did a mean tango with a pro dancer I didn’t recognize — Tony Dovolani wasn’t available? Karina really showed her stuff and looked beautiful in her red dress; tango done right is magical.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2221649764/Week-4%3A-Results/embed 580 476]

James Van der Beek was in the audience to promote his new ABC sitcom “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23“; would he come to “DWTS” otherwise? Cut to more behind-the-scenes footage, this time of Donald and Peta. The two encountered KISS in the hallway after their dance who asked about their scores. So who would be in the bottom two? Donald and Peta found out they would dance again! That meant Roshon and Chelsie were in the bottom two. Boo hoo.

But before we learned who would leave under the red elimination glare, we were treated to a number promoting DWTS’s new Las Vegas show (it was all promotional tonight). It didn’t look that different from any other Vegas shows. Except — there were “DWTS” alums Kyle Massey and yes, Sabrina Bryan, dancing their hearts out! No wonder I had a ghostly visit from Sabrina earlier — she was in the house!

Backstage footage of Sherri Shepherd showed “The View” hostess was a little bit downcast. Len Goodman was talking (fraternizing?) with Cheryl Burke and her partner William Levy backstage and the pair talked about how everything went wrong the night before. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas seemed to get lost backstage and later, the singer was a little choked up about getting poor judges’ reviews.

So … on to more results. The next couple coming back was Katherine and Mark - she was confused and said, "What does that mean?" Having a (bleached) blonde moment? But Mark clued her in, hugged his partner, and all was well.

The three couples in the bottom were standing there all worried. William and Cheryl were coming back, which meant Sherri and Roshon were the bottom two. They walked down the stairs and Tom seemed surprised that she was in the bottom two, but I wasn't. Awe - Sherri started crying! Roshon wasn't too emotional. Len said the judges were in shock about this twosome.

The pair leaving was … Sherri and Val! There was commotion in the press room because we all personally liked Sherri very much and she had been a consistent dancer. But … I gotta be honest - her dance Monday night wasn't that good. Sherri's big eyes filled with tears and she thanked everyone for letting her live this "DWTS" dream. Class act.

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