Shannen Doherty Asserts ‘Shannen Says’ Is Authentically Her—Bridezilla & All

Shannen Doherty in 'Shannen Says' (WE TV)

Before Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan tore up the Hollywood scene with their partying and illegal antics, there was the (milder) 90s version of the A-list girl gone wild: Shannen Doherty. Remember her? Well, she’s back and is turning up the tantrums in her new WE tv reality series “Shannen Says,” premiering Tuesday, April 10, at 10/9c.

On the show, Shannen, who’s now the big 4-0, documents what life is like as she’s determined to get hitched in a mere seven weeks to photographer Kurt Iswarienko, who’ll end up being her third hubby. Needless to say, Shannen catches Bridezilla Virus of “90210” proportions and becomes, according to her, a “hysterical mess.”

On a recent conference call with reporters, the former Miss Brenda Walsh revealed that while she keeps things raw and real on her new show (meaning she’ll still be cursing, screaming, and freaking out like she did back in the day), she claims she’s totally in a better place in her life.

"People don't ever consider how old I was when some of the crazier stuff happened, which by today's standards is incredibly tame," Shannen says. "And they don't consider that I have grown up and that there is a softer more vulnerable side, or they don't consider what was behind some of the antics when I was very young. And I mean that doesn't really do them justice nor myself justice."

As for why she wanted to do a celeb reality show (never mind that her former “90210” co-stars, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, have also nudged their way into the ubiquitous sub-genre), Shannen asserts she wanted to bring “a different kind of a quality to celebrity reality TV.” (Hmm…we guess she had to one-up “Bridezillas”?)

"Knowing that [Kurt and I were] getting married, it became even more evident that [a reality show] was something that we should do just to sort of chronicle this time in our lives and let future brides and future grooms know that [it's] not just you that goes through the stress," she says. "And for us, Kurt and I really made a pact about this and said if we're going to do this, then we have to do it right. And the only way to do it right is to be ourselves. And that means bearing the good, the bad and the ugly."

So in the end, did she and Kurt make it down the aisle-or did she eat him in a fit of rage? Shannen assured us that by season's end, she gets properly nuptialized and adds, she's still completely and happily in love with her Mr. Right.

"It's a relationship I've dreamed about my entire life, and it's the closest thing that I've ever had to what my parents had, which was so unbelievably beautiful and special. Married life is phenomenal," she affirms.

Watch the Premiere of “Shannen Says”:

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“Shannen Says” airs this Tuesday on WE tv at 10/9c.

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