‘DWTS’: Surprise Elimination as One Celeb Heads Home

"Dancing with the Stars" (ABC)

After the emotion of personal storytelling on last night’s show, which celebrity would go home on Tuesday seemed like anyone’s guess on “Dancing with the Stars.” This writer thought that the two TV icons—Melissa Gilbert and Jaleel White—were most in danger of facing the red elimination light. While Melissa’s dance seemed the weakest, given the controversial reports about Jaleel–and his hysterical Monday meltdown on camera—he also seemed in trouble because of the sheer weirdness of it all. But it was a five-way tie for the bottom with the score of 24, so who knew?

Booted Celeb Shocked by Elimination: “That’s Life”

It promised to be a fun night with the outcome very much in doubt. Here was how it all went down….

The show opened with Seal, fresh from his split from Heidi Klum, singing “Lean on Me” to accompany a bunch of the pro dancers. It was one of the best of these time-filling musical numbers.

Judge Len Goodman said last night was unbelievable and no one deserved to go home! Host Tom Bergeron said that wasn’t going to happen. Yay! That’s the “DWTS” we know and love.

Then, the usual recap with backstage footage of the gang from last night. Maria Menounos asked Derek if it was a bad time to pee before their romantic dance. She wanted a beer after completing the dance and Derek pretended (or was he?) to kiss her.

During their dance, Gavin DeGraw was shown being told by Karina to STOP when he was dragging her on her toes. I thought that maneuver was strange at the time; this confirmed it. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas were encouraging each other backstage and she was gushing after the dance about how happy her dad would have been about her tribute to his memory.

Time for three of the couples to learn their fate—first pair “saved” were Katherine and Mark, no big shocker there. Maria and Derek learned they would be coming back next week, too. But Gavin and Karina found out they were in jeopardy. The young kids, Roshon and Chelsie, were okay, however.

Brooke Burke did a pointless backstage scrum with some of the couples, filling more time by “interviewing” the competitors yet again—this time about what they might do if they come back next week. It will be a moot point for one couple.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2218785376/Performance-Recap%3A-Apr-2%2C-2012/embed 580 476]

Anna Trebunskaya and her husband Jonathan Roberts suddenly appeared, explaining they were going to dance for their Russian friend, who was also a dancer but got lung cancer. I guess this would be the dancers’ version of last night’s personal celebrity stories. Anyway, Anna and Jonathan did their friend proud, dancing with heart and emotion.

Back to Tom and Brooke to introduce more behind-the-scenes footage. Gladys Knight is blabbing about her frame; she took the criticism so seriously the other week. She had a perpetual smile on her face, though, nothing got her down. Cut to—the man of the moment Jaleel, who was giving partner Kym a kiss but looking at the camera out of the corner of his eye. Recap of Jaleel crying his heart out last night and saying he had put his Urkel alter ego Stephan on the shelf (what was he talking about?). He was walking backstage and telling Kym how much it meant to him to do well.

William and Cheryl were shown doing their dance and the pro recalled William picking her up when she was falling on her ass—missed that one last night!

More results as the music went out on them and Tom told the audience to hum at home. William and Cheryl were safe! Oh, the throbbing music came back—Gladys and Tristan were in jeopardy and Jaleel and Kym were safe. The press room went dead quiet at that news!

Back to Brooke asking three couples if they were nervous about tonight. Sherri Shepherd livened things up by saying she was so dehydrated from crying last night. Brooke brandished an envelope and said inside was the name of the star coming back next week—Sherri and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy! Thank God. The producers were mixing it up a little, so one couple wouldn’t have to face that darn red light and I was glad it was Sherri.

Watch Sherri’s Over-Excited Reaction to Being Safe — and Her Near-Hair Disaster!

Tom announced that next week, the bottom two couples will do a "dance off" to decide who will go home. Then another pro dance number with guys in black and silver jackets. This one was fun and rocking, a good antidote for all the sadness of last night.

Time for the last (hopefully) musical number of the night, Rascal Flatts, yes, accompanying, another pro dance (the pros have gotten a workout tonight!). The lead singer is friends with Gavin and told Tom Gavin should lose the hat when he dances. I had been wondering why he kept the hat on, too.

More backstage footage—Sherri got a kiss from her son who had had such a hard birth and was later surrounded by her DWTS co-stars, smothered in hugs. Donald Driver was mumbling to partner Peta Murgatroyd on the dance floor and backstage, Peta said she was proud of him. Anna was shown shouting at Jack to pick up the pace during their dance. “You looked fiery orange,” Anna told him. Melissa told Maks she was calm before they started and her dancer gave Half Pint a high five afterward, because she got solid scores.

Back to the red light—the next couple coming back would be Donald and Peta. And Melissa and Maks were safe, too, surprise! What about Jack and Anna? In peril!


Okay, it was the moment of truth at last. The couple safe was Gladys and Tristan. Jack and Gavin in the bottom two! The couples walked down the stairs of shame and Tom interviewed both of the cellar dwellers before they got the big news. I didn't like the way they milked it, again. Final result? The loser was….Jack! The soap star looked shocked! I was too, as he did so well last night and we met his daughter. Oh, well!

Watch Monday Night’s Episode Here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/2219047712/Week-3/embed 580 476]

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