‘Today’: Charlie Sheen Calls Meltdown ‘Cringeable,’ Thinks He Can Drink While Recovering

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When you sit down with Charlie Sheen, you don’t know if you’re going to get the manic one that was talking about tiger blood a year ago or the super-calm-and-contrite one critics saw at the TCA press tour in January. This morning on “Today”, Matt Lauer got a version of Charlie that’s somewhere in between.

Sheen seemed to have some perspective on how he behaved last year, calling many of the moments “cringeable” when he saw video of them for a planned (and now scrapped) documentary he was planning. He also called his experience shooting “Anger Management” “more fun in eight days than I had in eight years” on “Two and a Half Men.” But he also made nonsensical and uncomfortable jokes about his drinking at a Guns N’ Roses concert and about how he’ll be doing next year’s sitdown with Lauer “on a yacht.”

As for the drinking, when Lauer confronted him about it, Sheen said most definitively that he doesn't believe the whole "just one drink" theory that pretty much every addiction expert believes is true. "But that's just me," he was careful to say. Uh-huh. Wonder if Lionsgate and FX were watching this interview; it seems that they better get the best work out of Sheen that they can now before he slides back into the darkness.

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