First Star Eliminated from ‘DWTS’: Who Got Slammed?

Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Singer Katherine Jenkins, who was little known before doing “Dancing with the Stars,” has shown America she is the most serious contender of season 14. And, surprisingly, two iconic women, Martina Navratilova and Melissa Gilbert, were looking hopeless in their dances over the first two weeks. As we went into Tuesday’s elimination show, it appeared either Martina or Melissa would be bidding the ballroom goodbye. But there have always been shockers on “DWTS,” so here we go:

Host Tom Bergeron opened the show with a roundup of clips from the past two weeks. Then it was time for one of the show’s classic pro dances, with all our favorites really showing their spirit and the celebs applauding from their perch above the stage.

Oh, good—once again, the show would give us backstage footage from dance night with the stars talking to their partners in oh-so-candid ways. Melissa and partner Maks Chmerkovskiy were shown in the kiss and cry area and she told him she wouldn’t cry after their Monday dance. The “Little House” star hinted dancing was almost as great as making love but didn’t actually put it into words. Staying wholesome for her fans? Gladys Knight and Tristan MacManus got bad scores last night, but the singer was telling pal Sherri Shepherd backstage that it was all okay. This one was sad–Martina Navratilova was filmed shaking her head backstage, then hanging her head, and looking like she was going to cry, worrying her pro Tony Dovolani, who comforted her.

“DWTS” Partner “Destroyed” Over Elimination

Warning, Spoilers Ahead!

Time to see who would be the first couple saved. Melissa and Maks WILL come back next week. Gladys and Tristan were named safe, too, but Martina and Tony were told they were in jeopardy. The tennis champ showed her sense of humor by acting like she was surprised about facing the dance axe.

Next was the usual time sucking musical performance to accompany another pro dance, this time by Rob Nathanson and Sugarland. It did give Tristan MacManus and Peta Murgatroyd — who are fairly new on “DWTS” next to the longtimers like Tony and Maks — the chance to strut their stuff. Brooke Burke did rather tepid interviews backstage, but it was funny when the hostess asked hottie William Levy a question, and he couldn’t hear her and said, “whaaat?” Live TV can’t be beat! Then three women of his fan posse were shown shaking for him in the audience, so funny for the middle-aged! Get a grip, ladies!

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Back to the backstage clips, with Jaleel White and Kym Johnson realizing the jive wasn’t in his wheelhouse. Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower exulted that they put a smile on judge Len Goodman’s face. Cheryl Burke told William he’ll have panties thrown at him one of these days and after their dance, she told him, “good job, baby.”

Another three couples would learn their fate-Jaleel and Kym were told they're coming back next week. Roshon and Chelsie? They were called in jeopardy-no way! William and Cheryl hugged after learning they'd be continuing the competition.

Back to the backstage footage with the stars giving their thoughts on facing elimination night. The chatter wasn't too interesting-where was "Dance Center"? Such blatant filler tonight!

Speaking of which…there came another pro dance, again featuring Tristan and Peta but with the young dance troupers gamely hitting the floor with them. I wonder if any of these kids will graduate to the big time of the show anytime soon? Or will they just be perpetual filler?

Hey, Katie Couric was in the audience! Why? It wasn’t explained. Wow—would SHE do the show sometime? But Tom said something like she grabbed his ass. Seriously? Tom, why did you resort to that—she’s a newswoman! Katie just laughed. Maria Menounos insisted her ribs were fine to Brooke as everyone stood aimlessly in a group backstage. Then they cut to Maria and Derek Hough’s footage which—someone distracted me in the press room and it was already on to Sherri apologizing to Val C about missing a move last night. Katherine and Mark Ballas’ footage wasn’t that revealing. Maybe the backstage clips have run their course on the show? Was it time for Dance Center or some comedy bits instead?

Sherri, Maria, and Katherine were told they were all coming back and “The View” hostess couldn’t stop jumping up and down.

After the break, more Sugarland to accompany a pro dance, but we were almost to elimination so it wasn’t too painful. Dionne Warwick was applauding in the audience; I was sure she was there for her friend Gladys Knight. Tom plugged “Duets,” ABC’s new show.

More candid time–Jack Wagner was told by partner Anna Trebunskaya that he could do this. Bruno told him afterwards that the jive is a bitch! Peta told Donald Driver he did a good job and his bald pate was being powdered backstage. Gavin DeGraw and Karina Smirnoff? He told her how much he had messed up once they concluded their Monday dance.

Who else was safe? Donald and Peta, that was who! Gavin and Karina were told they were in danger and the singer moaned, oh no! Jack and Anna were called safe.

Who would go home? The couple who was safe was Roshon and Chelsie! Martina and Gavin walked carefully down the steps and-uh oh, Tom was doing an interview with Martin and Gavin on the brink of one of them being sent home? This was new to the show and very weird. Milking it, to me!

Now we would finally find out that…Martina was gone! Oh, well. She looked sad. That was too bad as she was such a good sport. "I blew it yesterday," she admitted.

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