Watch: ‘GCB’ Star Annie Potts Calls Out Gingrich for ‘Un-Christian’ Jabs


It didn’t take long for ABC’s new series “GCB” to be placed squarely at the center of controversy. Now, stars of the Dallas-based program have some fightin’ words for critics of the show.

“GCB” star Annie Potts visited the set of “The View,” and was quickly asked by Elisabeth Hasselbeck about the controversy over the title of the show (which is based on a book called “Good Christian Bitches”).

“Obviously, they couldn’t call it that, so we went to texting,” said Potts.”It can be whatever you want, it can be ‘Good Christian , it can be ‘Good Christian Beauties’…”

“Well Newt Gingrich doesn’t like it… good Christian husband that he is!” added Joy Behar, which drew a standing ovation from Whoopi Goldberg.

“I do feel that it was especially rich coming from him that he called he called our little TV show ‘un-Christian’ when he was carrying on an affair while he was impeaching the president for doing the same,” added Potts. “It’s like, you know, look in the mirror honey, I think our show may be for you.”

You can watch the rest of interview in the clip below…

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