What They’re Watching: Stars and Showrunners Reveal Their Favorite Guilty Pleasure TV

Kurt Sutter (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The stars and creators of your favorite television shows have a dirty little secret. After a hard day of work, they like to unwind with television shows they might not admit to watching if they were profiled on “60 Minutes.” But we asked, and they told. Below, six brave celebrities come clean about their guilty television pleasures.

Kurt Sutter (showrunner/Otto, “Sons of Anarchy“)

The man who created television’s macho outlaw drama, “Sons of Anarchy,” has surprisingly bourgeois taste in television.We watch a lot of HGTV,” he says of his viewing habits with wife and “Sons” star Katey Sagal. “We watch ‘House Hunters International‘ religiously.” Wait, what? The bad boy of Twitter likes real estate porn? Sutter attempts to salvage his reputation with the following qualification: “I love to watch shows where people have real jobs, where people are building s–t.” Watch Full Episodes of “House Hunters International.”

Alexandra Breckinridge ( Young Moira, “American Horror Story“)

South Park” is probably my favorite all time show and [“Family Guy” creator] Seth [MacFarlane] is going to kill me for saying that,” says Breckinridge, who has voiced numerous characters on “Family Guy.”  “But it makes fun of everything so blatantly and the way they do it is so raunchy. I find it hysterical,” she adds. Breckinridge better hope that she’s invited back for the second season of AHS, because “Family Guy” may no longer have use for her services. Watch Full Episodes of “South Park.”

Jon Huertas (Esposito, “Castle“)

“I love ‘Dance Moms,'” says Huertas, who served in the Air Force before becoming an actor. “That show is crazy. I used to be a dancer back in the day. I have a lot of respect for the dance world. I saw that this show was coming out and I just wanted to watch some dancing. But it ended up being so crazy, more about the moms and the dance studio, that I ended up getting addicted. The kids shine. They win and they have a great time dancing. That’s really what it’s all about.” Watch Full Episodes of “Dance Moms.”

What’s “Community” Star Joel McHale’s Guilty Pleasure Show? Click Below to Find Out:

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Andrew Marlowe (Showrunner, “Castle“)

“Castle” showrunner Marlowe falls slightly outside of the CW’s target demographic. As a man who is happily married to a woman (Terry Miller, who is on the “Castle” writing staff), he probably does not lust after the Winchester brothers. Yet, he has a very logical reason for his interest in the saga of Sam and Dean. “I like ‘Supernatural‘ because I really thought they did a great job in the early seasons. I think it’s a show that’s struggling to find its voice right now. But the banter between the two brothers is something I can relate to. I am somewhat envious of the folks over there because nobody’s asking them, ‘When are you going to put the two of them together?’ because they’re brothers.” Watch Full Episodes of “Supernatural.”

Sarah Paulson (Billie, “American Horror Story“)

“‘Bethenny Ever After,’ ‘Real Housewives of New York‘ and Beverly Hills, and I love ‘It’s A Brad, Brad World,'” says Paulson, who starred in “The Glass Menagerie” opposite Jessica Lange on Broadway.  “It’s really sad, my TV watching. I’m an actress and I’m really not communicating a lot of faith in the television that is scripted.”

Nick Wechsler (Jack, “Revenge“)

“Obsessed” and “Intervention” both have a season pass on Weschler’s DVR. The two reality shows arguably could apply to his character, who is still hung up on his elementary school crush. “It’s weird that all I want to do when I have the time [is watch reality shows about troubled people],” he says. If I have the time to watch anything, I don’t watch movies, I watch people like “Hoarders.” I’m just fascinated by the psychology of it.” Watch Full Episodes of “Intervention.”


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